Thursday, February 14, 2013

SIU-E 65 Murray State 60 Segment by Segment

Tipoff: After a wild weekend of games I am ready for Murray State basketball to be back. The Racers could have a tougher time winning than some think, SIU-E is 7-3 at home this season and it has to be because of that raucous student section. At any rate, I’m digging the new digital scoreboard on the Racer Tv Network.  I also just found out my dad won his first Basketball CSAA City Championship in Louisville. After years of coaching Catholic Grade School basketball and going like 0 for 6 in Championships he finally got one. So the night is off to a good start let’s hope it finishes that way.

13:30 (1st Media Timeout) Murray State off to another slow start versus SIU-E. The Cougars have hit a couple jump shots including one three. Trailing 11-6. Stacy Wilson is at the line for two coming out of the break.

11:34 Stacy Wilson got 5 straight points, 3 from the free throw line to tie the game at 11. SIU-E got a put back after Latreze Mushatt was called for a charge and after only a couple minutes we see another .

7:42 (Timeout SIU-E) Isaiah Canaan puts on two unbelievable moves to the basket to tie the score at 17. That forces a Cougar timeout

6:55 (3rd Media Timeout) Stacy Wilson gives Murray State the lead with a sweet jumper in transition. After Garrett just takes the ball away from a Cougar player and forces a tie-up we will have Murray State ball when we return.

3:54 (4th Media Timeout) Canaan with an incredible step back three and Stacy Wilson finishes a nice drive to the basket. All of a sudden Murray State is up by 7 but some miscommunication leads to a wide open three for SIU-E to cut the lead back to 4.

Stacy Wilson now has 11 points as he forces a shot from the free throw line but buries it. SIU-E continues tp answer though and tied the game at 28. The half ended in excitement as Stacy Wilson tipped the ball ahead to Canaan who fed Brandon Garrett  for a buzzer beating Dunk
Murray State leads 30-28 at halftime.

HALFTIME- Wilson is leading the Racers in scoring with 13 points and MSU is shooting 52% from three. Most shocking stat might be that Murray State only shot 5 threes in the first half. We have been a second half team all year and last time we spotted SIU-E an 11 point lead at the break and still pulled off a sizable win, so I feel pretty good.

15:44 ( First Media Timeout):  Canaan gets his second three to drop on a friendly role and Garrett stuffs one then draws a foul a few possessions later. How good has this guy gotten?  Even with all the good Murray State has done they still only lead by 5. 37-32.

11:18 (Second Media Timeout): SIU-E hits a three then gets a lay-up to tie the game at 37. Stacy Wilson with an electric dunk gave Murray State back the lead at 41-39. After that though Murray State goes on a drought and I am starting to feel anxious as SIU-E lead 42-41. Murray State ball.

7:59 (3rd Media Timeout) Really starting to get concerned, after leading by as many as 7 the Racers now trail by 3. SIU-E will have the ball when we come back. Isn’t this the same team who beat Belmont and beat TSU by 21?

5:21 (Timeout SIU-E ) Murray State all of a sudden has a mountain to climb down 8 with under 6 to play as SIU-E buries a three from the corner. There were a lot of positives from tonight but it will take something special for it to not end in a loss. Murray State has scored 8 points in the last 10 minutes and are currently 2 of 13 from three.

3:41 (4th Media Timeout): They called Stacy Wilson for a lane violation????? That could end up being huge lead would have been trimmed to 3 instead Yellovich hits a jumper and it’s back up to six.  Unreal call as Canaan hit the free throw. Prohm was furious and now it may take something special to pull out a win at SIU-Edwardsville.

Final Minutes: This will be as disappointing of a loss as the one in Jacksonville State. Kind of hard to believe, I think I speak for everyone in Racernation when I say, I am stunned. After having a 7 point lead the Racers could not put away the Cougars. Isaiah Canaan struggled and that was the difference 7 of 22 from the field.

This is an SIU-E team that is now 9-13 and has two losses to UT-Martin.  Makes me sick to my stomach to watch us underperform like this.  Absolutely disgusting.

BTW, I've seen better storming of the courts at the grade school level. 

Let’s just bounce back against EIU on Saturday. Good night.

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