Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Signs Signs Everwhere are Signs

Well, not really but there should be.

For many years I have always thought that Murray State needs a big bright sign by the CFSB Center and/or on 641 in front of Roy Stewart Stadium to let fans and the rest of the area know when the Racers will play. Sure there is that board by 641, but it is hard to see at times., and does not look like what a D1 school should have, more like a sign for a Little Leauge game. Murray needs to step up and build one with flashing lights. Maybe this will come with the new practice arena, while i know they are not cheap, but it will let people know about the games and who they will play in advance. You see these all over Murray, even the Bill Cherry EXPO Center has one, now if the EXPO can get one why can the CFSB Center not?

Also, maybe put up Ads on Billboards on 641, 80, and I-24 letting people know about the games, put the home schedule on one. At one time there was a "Welcome Belmont to the OCV" on 641 in Murray, and there is an SIUe on I-24. (The SIUe is just for the school)

Just need to get the word out for the games better starting next season, there is no reason there should not be 6,000+ at each home game.

Peace Out and GO RACERS!

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