Thursday, February 28, 2013

Murray State vs UT Martin Preview

It’s the final stretch of the regular season and the Racers have pretty much wrapped up the OVC West.  There’s only two games left and Murray State needs to end on a good note before the conference tournament.  The Racers looked strong against South Dakota Strong, so I know they are capable of ending the season with two more victories.  


UT Martin is statistically inferior to Murray State, but they are capable of upsetting a good team (just ask EKU).  The Racers handled the Skyhawks the last time these two teams met with the scrubs playing a big chunk of the game, and I hope the same thing happens again, but if Jordan Burge wants to log any stats tonight, the Racers will need to follow one simple keys to success.

After watching this team all year, I’ve seen them beat Belmont, South Dakota State, St. John, and Evansville.  I’ve also seen this team lose to Eastern Illinois, Jacksonville State, and SIUe.  It’s mind boggling to see the Racers with such quality wins and such embarrassing losses.  What’s the problem? Passion.  The Racers have played with passion and heart with every quality win and played lethargically with every bad loss.  

When the Racers play with urgency and hustle, only good things happen.  The only loss Murray State has where they played hard and with passion is the Colorado game and thats because the Buffs are just really good.  If the Racers hustle after loose balls, battle for position, and make smart decisions, this should be a blow out.


UT Martin is a good team that plays well at times, but they just don’t just don’t have the star power and depth that it takes to be a conference contender.  Murray State should control this game from the beginning as long as they play with the passion they had against SDSU.  My prediction: Murray State wins big. Go Racers!

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