Saturday, February 23, 2013

Murray State vs South Dakota State Preview

Redemption time.  The Racers are back in town after a road trip I’m sure they would all like to forget.  Losing to two teams well below .500, and barely squeaking by with victory over a struggling Morehead State team.  Now I understand that this game has no effect on the conference, but the Racers need to make a statement in this Bracket Buster game.  


South Dakota State is a very tough team.  They are well matched against Murray State and will give the Racers all they have.  They have one of the most productive offenses that the Racers have seen all season and make good decisions with the ball.  If the Racers want to forget about the past three games and make a statement against the Jackrabbits tonight, they will need to follow my keys to success.

Like the All-American Canaan, South Dakota State has a star of their own.  Nate Wolters is averaging 23.1 points per game and has a great passing vision.  Obviously, the most important step for Murray State is to contain Wolters.  There is no way to completely shut him down, but smart defense can limit his production.

When handling the ball, Wolters tends to attack basket and is a very efficient finisher.  When he breaks for the basket, help defense from the Racers must cut off his shot.  Wolters is a great passer and will most likely find the open man.  The Racers need to attack the passing lanes, create turnovers, and score in transition.  

Next, Ed Daniel and Brandon Garrett must step up their game defensively. Block shots, box out, rebound, and be aggressive.  If all the little things go right with the Racer’s post play, this game will be much easier.  

And Last, Murray State must play with heart and passion.  This is something they failed to do on their recent road trip and they played terribly.  Murray State is back in the Bank so at least they have the crowd on their side, but I would like to the Racers hustle for loose balls, battle for rebounds, and be aggressive on defense.  There is no reason not to and it make all the difference in the world.   


South Dakota State is a very good team, but by no means invincible.  They did lose to Belmont, a team that Murray State handled well.  But in the end, I think Murray State can pull it off.  They tend to play better when there is any hype surrounding the game. And I think the Racers are chomping at the bit (no pun intended) to prove they are a better team than what was displayed this last week.  I think it will be close, but Murray State comes out on top. Go Racers!

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