Thursday, February 14, 2013

Murray State vs SIUe Preview

The Racers have been looking pretty good lately and I know some fans have been strutting.  As they should be with a big win over Belmont and a dominating performance over Tennessee State.  No doubt about it, Murray State is on a roll.  Now it’s time for the Racers to take their talents to Edwardsville, Illinois to hopefully continue their winning streak.
When comparing stats, Murray State is the hands down favorite and should win over SIUe, but it’s just not that simple.  There are a few matchups that favor the cougars, but the Racers are a very good road team with unmatched leadership.  Winning this game is very achievable for Murray State as long as they follow two simple keys for success.


First the Racers must win the battle of the boards.  The one advantage SIUe has over the Racers is their size.  It’s not that big of a difference, but enough to cause some mismatches defensively.  Winning the rebound total will prove that the Racers played harder than SIUe’s size.  

And last, Murray State must stop Jerome Jones.  Jones is the Cougar’s main (if not only) scoring threat.  He is a 6-5 forward with the ball handling skills, shooting skills, and ability to finish like a guard.  He is the biggest mismatch of the game, so stopping him is the main key for sealing this victory.  


In the end, I predict Murray State to win easily.  Though there is an obvious size advantage for SIUe, Murray State is too talented to let this one slip away.  Murray State goes on the road and pushes it’s winning streak to four.  Go Racers!

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