Saturday, February 16, 2013

Murray State vs Eastern Illinois Preview

Coming off a tough loss, the Racers need to bounce back with a with over Eastern Illinois.  But not just a win, but a complete domination.  I’m proud of SIUe for getting their best win in school history, but the Racers are still the kings of the OVC and they need to prove it tonight.  

I’m almost afraid to say that this will be an easy win (I said that about SIUe) but this should be an easy win,  Murray State is just a better team.  But after Thursday’s game, we know that you cannot overlook ANY team in the conference.  If Murray State wants to add this game into the win column, they will need to follow two simple keys to success.

First of all, Murray State must take care of the ball.  The Panthers are a defensively minded team and they are good at creating turnovers.   The last time these two teams met, Murray State did an okay job at taking care of the ball with only 11 turnovers.  So if the Racers can do that again, they should be fine.  

On the other side of the ball, Murray State must force the Panthers to turn the ball over.  That’s something that they failed to do last time (forced only 8 turnovers), but is something that they should have done.  Murray State still won by 21 points, but they are not in the Bank for this game, so I’m not expecting this win to come as easy.   

In the end I predict Murray State to win.  EIU is a small, guard heavy team.  This means they are quick and can take care of the ball.  But the Panthers are weak in the post,  so Daniel and Garrett should have good games.  I’m hoping to see lob-city in Charleston tonight! Go Racers!

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