Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Inside The Play: Sip's Game Winner

Ian Clark had just hit his third three in a row, erasing what was once a 15 point lead for Murray State. 

With one minute left in the game Murray State went to their All-American point guard and just like an All-American, Canaan knocked down the big shot. But for a player who has struggled to get shots off all game, how was he able to get enough separation to get off a shot in this situation? 

In this weeks "Inside the Play" we look at a moment that will be highlighted for years in Murray State basketball history in what, I'm sure, many will consider one of the great games played in the CFSB Center.

Stacy Wilson goes to the free throw line and sets a pick on Trevor Noack, who is guarding Ed Daniel. This would cause one of two things to happen. Either one, Ian Clark, who is guarding Wilson, switches with Noack, which could lead to a mismatch or Noack could to try to fight through and hedge the screen, which he does do. What happens when he does this though, is that he is now trailing Ed Daniel is curling off the screen to go set a pick on Canaan's man.

Ed Daniel sets a solid pick and just like every other opponent has done all season,  Daniel's man jumps out to guard Canaan. This time though, Noack is just a step behind Daniel and with the help of a little in-and-out dribble Canaan has just enough daylight to elevate for a shot.

Credit Noack for being able to recover and get into a position to where he could guard Isaiah. However, when Sip rose to shoot, Noack didn't have the lift to really alter his shot. You may also notice that on the roll, Daniel was about as open as one could get and when the help defense came, Ed could have kicked to Fields for a wide open three from the corner. With all due respect to Dexter, Canaan wasn't letting anyone else take that shot and Racer fans are happy he didn't. 

All of it together now:

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