Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inside the play: Austin Peay

Isaiah Canaan had hit a three in his last 29 games heading into the contest versus Austin Peay. 

Through the first 40 minutes of regulation Isaiah had not had a three fall. With just under 3 minutes to play in OT and the Racers leading 68-66, Steve Prohm called for Murray State to run this play to set up Isaiah Canaan for a dagger three point shot.

What you can not see here, is Ed Daniel setting a baseline screen for Canaan. What you can see is Latreze Mushatt handing the ball off to Stacy Wilson who looks as if he was thinking about taking a three of his own and instead gives his defender one killer of a ball fake.

Latreze then has the presence of mind to wait on Canaan to come off the Daniel screen and sets a delayed screen on Canaan's man. Wilson, with the court vision of 3 Rondo's, finds Isaiah open on the wing.

Sip is able to get open for the split second that he needs off of the double down screen and plants his feet perfectly and rises for a huge three that extended the Murray State lead to 5. 

All together now:

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