Friday, February 8, 2013

Evaluating the fans at the Murray State vs Belmont game

Last night I sat mid court all the way at the top row of the bleachers. This seat isn't my favorite because the fans don't get as loud as the student section. 

Also, I was on the opponent side with the Belmont fans.... Let's just say even though they were way up there they got LOUD! For this game I give the Murray State fans a B+. There were over 7,000 in attendance but I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't a sell out. The ones who were there though did great and the entire student section stood for the whole game.  

I give the Belmont fans a B. They chanted, cheered and made noise for most of the contest. It took a lot out of Murray's fan base to drown them out at times.

I will be honest, the officiating last night was terrible (going both ways). I really wish the OVC would invest in some better trained refs. 

Overall, the crowd was good, but sadly not as good as last years.

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