Monday, February 4, 2013

Edwards Top 25 (Week 14)

What an exciting week in college hoops! If you missed it, A LOT happened and I feel sorry for you for missing it. Upsets! More of them! MOAR! This has been a phenomenal year and it just keeps getting better and better.

For those of you that haven't yet noticed, the #1 spot in the nation has been knocked off each of the last 4 weeks, and a new victor has emerged!...until next week that is. These past four weeks are showing how much parody actually exists in the top 25 rankings. And that statement, unfortunately, includes my Top 25 rankings as well.

Here are my new week's ranks..with a few changes..

Top 5 Reason
1. IU (+2) IU vs. Michigan. Could possibly have been one of the best games of the year. IU, even though they were at home, showed complete times. It seems like they were a little shaky when they got a big lead and it ended up collapsing on themselves. They had times towards the end that I didn't know if they would pull it off or not. But of course, once those thoughts entered my mind, Oladipo comes out of no where and makes an amazing play.
2. Florida (+2) Not a fan of Florida being #2. They haven't played anyone tough as of late, and when they did they lost. Playing as a top team in the nation in a weak conference = overrated in my opinion. We will see how they fair once they play against a well developed team. And I believe Kentucky might be turning a corner, will be a good game in a couple weeks.
3. Michigan (-2) I finally got to see Michigan play a good team!....and they lost. But it was still a helluva game! Michigan showed me a lot, they proved their worth by giving IU a fight AT Assembly Hall. I now have reason to believe Michigan is a great team.
4. Duke (+/-0) "Duke can't win away games!" -Duke haters. Duke won both of their away games this past week, one barely edging out Wake, and the other annihilating Florida State. I hate to speak too soon, but I believe they are on the right track without Kelly. This doesn't mean much as of right now, but Thursday will really be a testament to if they can pull off a tough win when they replay NC State and Kelly is still not healthy.
5. Kansas (-4) Not sure what happened here. I had full reason to believe Kansas had the talent, they had the power, they had the everything needed to withstand the remainder of the season not losing. I suppose I was wrong. After a tough home loss to Oklahoma State, their value is starting to weaken in my book. We will see how they bounce back this week against 2 weaker teams in their conference.

Top 6-25
6. Miami (+3)
7. Ohio State (+1)
8. Arizona (+4)
9. Louisville (+4)
10. Syracuse (-4)
11. Minnesota (+/-0)
12. Michigan State (+2)
13. Kansas State (+3)
14. Missouri (-7)
15. Gonzaga (+2)
16. Oregon (-6)
17. Creighton (+3)
18. Georgetown (+6)
19. New Mexico (NR)
20. VCU (+1)
21. Cincinatti (NR)
22. Butler (-7)
23. Pittsburgh (NR)
24. UConn (NR)
25. Oklahoma State (NR)

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