Friday, February 8, 2013

Canaan vs. Wolters (Mayweather vs. Pacquiao of the mid-majors)

We've wanted Mayweather vs. Pacquiao, but never got it. We might have the next best thing in 15 days though. Usually when it comes to mid-majors, rarely do you see a classic one on one matchup. On Feb. 23, we will see a matchup that's can't miss TV. We all know that Isaiah Canaan is an All-American, one of the candidates for the Bob Cousy Award & a clutch performer. His go-ahead three pointer against Belmont tonight proves it. 

What you may not know, is that there is a kid up in South Dakota who maybe just as good. Have you ever heard of the name Nate Wolters? If you haven't, you should look him up.
On the same night that Canaan's 26 points & late game heroics lifted Murray State to a 79-74 victory, Nate Wolters scored twice as much.......and one. 

Against IPFW, Wolters netted 53 points. Yes, it was only against IPFW, but still impressive. Wolters is a candidate for the Bob Cousy Award plus the Wooden Award. His performance was the highest scoring performance since 2009, which I believe was Jodie Meeks torturing the Tennessee Volunteers for 54. 

Wolters is averaging close to 21 pts, 6 rebs & 5 asts a game. 

The point is, you should make sure you get a ticket, because this matchup, you can't miss.

If you think this game is just going to be a pushover. South Dakota State is a legit team. They are 19-6, (10-2) in the Summit League & they almost eliminated Baylor from last year's NCAA Tournament. Don't look over these Jackrabbits. Yes, that's their nickname. 

I know it's Murray State vs. South Dakota State, but sometimes the individual matchups pops out. In 15 days, two men will square off to see which one is the better guard, Canaan or Wolters. Like Mills Lane used to say, "Let's get it on!"   

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