Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Again With The Refs?

If you know me, you know that I am clearly no fan of the Big 10.  I dislike just about every team in that conference heavily, especially Michigan, Ohio State, and Indiana.  Living right in the middle of the Big 10 has caused this, and the fans of these teams are some of the worst in college sports, in my opinion.

With that being said, last night's game made me absolutely furious.  It was such an amazing game, Michigan vs. Ohio State, but suffered at the end from the refs.  How many times this year have the refs messed up an important call that resulted in a game being called wrong?  I have lost count, and I'm sure you have to if you have been paying attention.

Being impartial to this game gives me less bias than any of you Michigan or Ohio State fans, so pay attention.

There are two types of flagrant fouls; Flagrant 1 and Flagrant 2.  As stated in the Handbook:

"Flagrant 1 personal foul. A flagrant 1 personal foul shall be a personal 
foul that is deemed excessive in nature and/or unnecessary, but not based 
solely on the severity of the act. Examples include, but are not limited to:
1. Causing excessive contact with an opponent while playing the ball;
2. Contact that is not a legitimate attempt to play the ball or player, 
specifically designed to stop or keep the clock from starting;
3. Pushing or holding a player from behind to prevent a score;
4. Fouling a player clearly away from the ball who is not directly 
involved with the play, specifically designed to stop or keep the clock 
from starting; and
5. Contact with a player making a throw-in. (Women) This act shall also 
serve as a team warning for reaching through the boundary. (See Rule 
6. Illegal contact with an elbow that occurs above the shoulders of an 
opponent when the elbows are not swung excessively per 4-36.7.a.
            Flagrant 2 personal foul. A flagrant 2 personal foul shall be a personal 
            foul that involves contact with an opponent that is not only excessive, but 
            also severe or extreme while the ball is live."
Let me re-cap for those of you that didn't watch.  At around 10 seconds left in the game (in overtime, by the way), the score was 74 (Ohio State) - 75 (Michigan).  Craft inbounds the ball, cuts to the basket, and instead of passing the ball off to Thomas or someone more likely to hit a clutch game winning shot, he pulls up at the free throw line and Burke comes from behind him and swats the ball away allowing Glen Robinson III to recover the ball.  This is the moment the refs began to really sit back and literally do nothing correct.  Craft, in frustration mode for his own error, goes over to Robinson and hacks at his head "trying" to go after the ball.  It was a hard frustration foul that should have been called a flagrant.  Yet the refs overturned the idea after an official review (here we go again...).  Why was there no call?

Robinson now has two shots to shoot because Michigan was in Double Bonus.  He sinks the first, then comes the second and he bricks it giving Ohio State the ball and 7.6 seconds to do something with the ball.  Craft really needs to be scrutinized for his decision making skills as a point guard.  That is because he decides he is going to try to make the game winning play again instead of give it to someone more likely to fill the roll in such a high profile game.  He rushes the ball down court, with Burke grinding against him the entire way to the hoop, then Craft gets to the basket and tries to get a layup in to tie the game up at 76 to force another overtime.  This is where the refs decided they were going to miss another huge foul call.  Hardaway, Jr. clearly fouls him, and fouls him hard, knocking Craft to the ground.  I believe some of it to be a bit of acting, but there is no doubt in my mind this was a foul that should have resulted in two shots and given Ohio State an opportunity to take this game into another overtime.  Below is the foul in question..

He is clearly fouling Craft here.  After this moment in the picture, Hardaway pushes back and forces Craft to bend back and end up on the floor at the end of the overtime staring at the refs waiting for a whistle that didn't come.

It's just disappointing that such a great game could be ended by such terrible calls/no calls.  How did they not see the foul at the end of the game?  I've heard many a people go on about how the refs don't want to determine the game.  Really?  You mean, DO THEIR JOB?  Ridiculous, we already have enough of people not doing their job in this nation, why should referees get the benefit of doing it as well when so many people / teams rely on them to actually do their job correctly.  

Think about it this way.  A cop sees two people in an alley way in a shoot off and decides that he is going to just sit back and not partake in the situation and let it defuse by itself.  Thus allowing one of them to shoot the other, and then run off scot-free while the cop sits there with his thumb up his butt.  What is the point of having the cop if he isn't going to intervene?  Same goes for the refs.

I also heard that since they didn't call the Craft Flagrant foul that they couldn't call the foul against Craft at the end or it wouldn't be fair.

...What?  Since when is there a rule in the officiating book that states "If a ref misses one crucial call, they are then allowed to miss another crucial call to cancel it out, because boo-hoo, it's not fair if it doesn't work this way."

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