Friday, January 11, 2013

Thru the Eyes of a Fan - Birth of the Hobo

Me & James Scott
When Steve asked me to join MKY Sports, I jumped at the chance, although my English teachers and friends would shake their heads at anyone wanting me to write anything about anything, but hey, here I am!

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Nick Alexander, or "The Racer Hobo". I have been a Racer fan for most of my life, I started out as a UK fan, and remember crying in front of the TV when they lost to Duke. A few years later my dad took me to Racer Arena to see a Murray State basketball game, I do not recall the teams that we watched in the old arena besides SIU and WKU, but I know there was plenty of others. I would guess I was at 50 or so home games before I watched them go down to EKU about six years ago. And I'm pretty sure I wanted to cry that night also.

Jump ahead a few years to the season when I  became like a second mascot to the Racers, the entire season I had a beard, pom-poms haning from under my hat, and waving a yellow towel or fathead. (The beard WAS just to be around until they lost, but after the loss to TSU on 2/9 I was just told I could lightly trim around my mouth and nose) It was no till the road trip to SIUe that the Racer Hobo was born. I was with some friends and on the ride I was just acting goofy they told me to "Stop acting like a hobo!" and my reply was "That's the Racer Hobo to you!" and it stuck. A few weeks later I made the now famous threat to Matt Jones and Kentucky Sports Radio along as well as posting it on Twitter, and anyone else that asked to "#BringDickieVToMurray or I'll wear a Speedo to the Bracket buster game", and praise the Lord, he came and saved Racer Nation, ESPN, and the rest of the world from viewing that!

Interview with Matt Jones of KSR Click the link to view the interview, it starts at 3:29

I attended most of the Racers games last season, also I went to all but the 3 in Alaska, Morgan State, UAB, Morehead, and Marquette in the 2nd round NCAA tourney. This season, i will stick to home games and "local" away games. (UT Martin, SEMO, and Peay)

This season I am just the Hobo by name, I've had fans, and coaches of the team ask if i was going to grow it back this year, and one coach gave a pretty damn good case for me to do it **Cough Coach Matt McMahon Cough** but with work and owning a business I am just not able, plus my girlfriend would kill me!

But beard or not, I am still the same Racer Hobo as last year. Still full of spirit and love of the Racers as ever before. Now lets go Flush the Peay!!