Sunday, January 13, 2013

Racers survive scare in Clarksville

Travis Betran banked in a three with just over 11 seconds left and was fouled by Wilson sending me into a fury of rage that I took out on the arm rest of my couch. Betran sank the free throw making it a two point game at 70-68. A game that should have ended minutes ago, suddenly had my palms sweaty and heart beating fast.

That's the way a rivalry game should always end; with fans on the edge of their seats and it all coming down to one final play even though the last play of this game wasn't very memorable. 

Murray State Freshman, Jeffery Moss, did a good job of in-bounding the ball allowing the Racers to get down the court and kill 6 seconds before Moss was fouled. He hit the first and missed the second, allowing Austin Peay a chance at tying the game with a three. Jeremy Purvis grabbed the rebound for the Govs and decided to dribble out the clock giving Murray State a 71-68 win over their arch-rivals.

Now for some notes from the game:

It was once again the Canaan and Daniel show as the duo outscored the other 8 Murray State players who received playing time, 47-24. Ed Daniel bounced back after a frustrating performance against EKU and got his ninth double-double of the season. Although Canaan didn't hit 7 three pointers in the first half like he did a year ago, he still put on a few moves late in the game that were NBA caliber.

Can someone tell me what happened to Carlton (CJ) Ford? If someone has any other reasons for his absence from the floor other than "he's not ready yet." please let me know. 

One thing I noticed early out of Murray State was that they ran a few set pieces that didn't begin with Canaan getting a high pick from Daniel. The end results of two of those plays was a Canaan three pointer. At one point in the game we saw Jeffery Moss running the point and Canaan at the shooting guard position. The end result for that was Canaan getting an open three in the corner that, for some reason, he didn't feel like taking.

 I thought our two freshmen forwards played another good game. McCree had 4 rebounds and has really been getting after it as of the last two games. Erik also had a nice steal and a dunk in the first half. Moss finished with 6 points which tied him for the third leading scorer of the game for Murray State. 

 Another guy who deserves praise is Brandon Garrett. When BG just lets the game come to him and doesn't try to do to much, he is a valuable member of this basketball team. Sometimes, though, he forgets that he has an All-American point guard and a NBA prospect center on the court with him and tries to create his own shot. That is when I get a little frustrated. With that said Garrett had a good game last night, highlighted by a couple of dunks. He finished 3 of 4 from the field, grabbed 7 boards and passed the ball to a player who scored, three times. 

 Austin Peay lost to UT-Martin a week ago. They lost to a team called the Stags by 19. (Without looking it up tell me what school that is). For some reason Murray State can't pull away from teams that they are better than. Our other two shooters, Fields and Wilson, combined for 2 of 13 from the field. I feel for Fields because of his injury. I feel for Wilson because he is being forced to play out of position which led to him turning the ball over 6 times. I feel for him also because we've seen how good he could be. If you go looking for negatives from this game they won't be hard to find but we're now 12-4 and not 11-5 and that's all it takes to make me happy.

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