Thursday, January 10, 2013

Racer's offensive struggles.

What you see in the first five minutes of the game from Murray State's offensive sets is what you will see in the final five minutes.

Isaiah Canaan will get the ball out near the time line, drive left, receive a screen from Daniel (who will roll for no reason) Canaan will now be double teamed by the opposing teams quickest and most versatile defender and whoever was guarding Ed. Now Canaan is left with two options try to weave his way around two players or pick up the ball and look to pass.

Luckily for Murray State Isaiah has serious range and a quick release. When he does get a little daylight he can knock down the shot. He also has handles that aren't common at this level and is even able to sometimes split the double team and get to the basket.

However, this kind of offense will not put us in the field of 68 teams come March.

Let me get this out of the way, I absolutely love coach Prohm and what he has done in just 1 and a half years as head coach. He's winning recruiting battles with BCS schools and his enthusiasm on the bench isn't matched by many in college basketball. There is no one else I would rather want coaching at Murray State.

With that said, last night's game falls on Coach Steve Prohm.

He mentioned in his post game press conference that he didn't have the players prepared and it certainly looked like that last night in Murray State's 12 point loss to EKU.

Even without Zay and Trez, Murray State has much more talent than EKU and the Colonels handed it to us. Jeff Neubauer out coached Steve Prohm.

The offensive struggles started from the beginning of the game with Murray State not putting any points on the board until just under 14 minutes to play in the first half. In the first six minutes of the game Murray State shot the ball 5 times and turned it over 3 times.

After taking an 11-7 lead, EKU went on a 24 to NOTHING run. In that stretch of 6 minutes that ultimately cost Murray State the game, the Racers shot the ball as many times as they turned it over, 5 times. Of those 5 shots, Murray State's All-American only took one.

As the opponent was building the lead and running away with a win, a guy who had been voted to be the best point guard in America, was only able to get one shot off. That is not a slam on Canaan. He couldn't get open and EKU double teaming him forced him to cough the ball up. The lack of movement caused a 5 second closely guarded call to go against Canaan in a crucial point in the second half. The other NBA prospect, Ed Daniel, hardly ever even got the ball in his hands. This is why something has to be done about Murray State's half court offense.

I have said since the beginning of the season that the high pick should come from a guard. That way they may not take the chance of double teaming Canaan because it would leave another good shooter open on the pick and pop. Now, Steve Prohm knows more about basketball than I ever will and I trust his coaching decisions but even he had to see the lack of execution in the half court.

Murray States offense looks great when they hit their threes. They shot 12 more threes than they did twos. Yet, when the long ball isn't falling the Racer's offense looks disastrous.

Heres is the call in show from last night. People weren't happy and some of that anger was expressed at Mike Dinnuno.

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