Sunday, January 27, 2013

Racer Hindsight

Murray State lost to Jacksonville State in what should not have been a close game. Taking a look back with hindsight we will see why.

One could say, we didn't play very well, with hindsight that's obvious.

A few pointless fouls put us in a position to where we couldn't play as aggressive as we wanted.

Towards the end when the Racers got close to a come back, with 26.1 seconds left Wilson commits a foul when Coach Prohm didn't want the foul, when will the players listen to the coach? But it ultimately put JSU at the line for gimme points.

Brandon Garrett makes a jumper, bringing the Racers to a lead of 64-63.

JSU's Brian Williams brings it down the court to get fouled by Moss, potentially a bad call by the refs, whose to say really? Canaan brings it up the court for a half court shot but falls short...

Ultimately, the Racers didn't play with the aggression we know they have and JSU wanted it more. Looking back, its apparent that JSU played just hard enough to win. However give the Racers a hand, they did shoot better from the 3 point range tonight at 22.2% instead of 5.6% in the previous game.

Had the Racers played better defense and played with urgency the entire game, we would have won.

Racer Hindsight Out...

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