Thursday, January 24, 2013

Murray State vs Tennessee Tech Preview

The Racers go on the road today to face a long time conference foe with Tennessee Tech.  Traditionally, Murray State has little trouble with the Golden Eagles, but I’m sure some of you remember the last time the Racers lost in the OVC Tournament was to Tennessee Tech.

It was 20011 and Murray State was heavily favored to win, and I personally had my hotel booked for the whole weekend in Nashville and could not wait for the much anticipated matchup between the Racers and Morehead State, lead by Kenneth Faried. 

 But to my, and every other Racer fan’s disappointment, Murray State was sent home early by none other than the team we play tonight.  

So let that be some fuel for the players tonight as they prepare for the game, because as we found out on Saturday, you can’t overlook anyone in the conference.  But just from the stats, It looks pretty good for the Racers tonight. 



As we learned from Steve’s math lesson from an earlier post, if a>b, and b>c, then obviously a>c. So far, Murray State has claimed victory over Auburn, Lipscomb, Evansville, SEMO, and SIUe; all of which have beaten Tennessee Tech.  

So it seems pretty simple to me that if the Racers just stick to the game plan and take care of the basketball, they should leave Cookeville with a victory.


Lindy Suiter from the Racer Insider previews the game on the Travis Turner Show. Click the ESPN logo on the left to listen.

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