Saturday, January 26, 2013

Murray State vs Jacksonville State Preview

In the past, Murray State has dominated Jacksonville State.  They have never been threat in the conference (at least for basketball), but this Jacksonville State team is better any the Racers have played in the past.  They are very quick and aggressive on defense and cause many turnovers.  So after witnessing the turnover-fest from Thursday, you can see how this scares me.


Let’s be honest, Murray State has not been playing their best basketball, and if they expect to win, they will have to step it up.  But a victory is in no way impossible for the Racers, they just need to follow two simple keys to success.  

First of all, the Racers must take care of the ball.  Run plays, make smart passes, and take good shots (I’m looking at you, Stacey Wilson).  If Murray State commits twenty-three turnovers again, they will lose.  Simple as that.  

Second, Murray State must dominate the boards.  Jacksonville State’s weakness is their size, so I expect Ed Daniel to embarrass anyone in red who gets in his way on a rebound.  Their guards are very quick and rebound loose balls well, but if Murray State can rebound strongly, that will limit opposing fast-break opportunities and possibly create some of their own.  


This will be an exciting game, but ultimately I believe Murray State will come out on top.  This could be one of those games where Canaan takes over and puts up monumental numbers, I’ve just got a feeling.  Let’s hope I’m right.

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