Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Murray State vs Eastern Kentucky Pregame

I don’t know about anyone else, but I have been looking forward to this game for a while. Since EKU went on it’s impressive winning streak to start the season, I couldn’t wait for the Racers to show everyone that they are still THE team in the OVC. 

Belmont will have to get that message on February 7th, but for now it is time for the Racers to flex their muscles against Eastern Kentucky.This will be no walk in the park, EKU is a good team

Though there is no wins over any powerhouse conference teams like the Big East or the SEC in Eastern’s resume, winning is winning. If Murray State wants to send the Colonels on a very long and disappointing trip back home to Richmond, then they will need to follow my Keys for Success.

First of all, they must take care of the ball.  This usually goes without saying in most games, but EKU has 121 steals on the season (much more than Murray State) and their zone defense has always given the Racers a headache. 

Next, Murray State must attack the zone early in the game.  The Racers rarely get off to a hot start from 3-point range, so relying on the long shot could put them in a disadvantage early.  Attacking the zone and getting to the foul line will wear down the defense and open up better shots later in the game.

 Next, the Racers must dominate the offensive glass.  Winning the battle of the boards against EKU isn’t hard, most team have done it, but Eastern has about seven solid shooters on their team (you can’t rebound a ball that goes in the goal).  So it is crucial that Murray State fight for every offensive rebound and get second chance opportunities. 

Lastly, Murray State must stay out of foul trouble.  If they want to execute their game plan, they have to have their key players in.  Murray State cannot rely on their underclassmen to carry the team because of foul trouble, Eastern is too talented and too disciplined for that.  

Eastern Kentucky is a team that always battles for the whole game.  No matter if you’re ahead on them, they never seem to go away (and I’ve seen them squeak by with a win at the last second that sent all the Racers’ fans home shocked). It’s sure to be an exciting game not matter what, so get out to the game, get loud, and cheer on your Murray State Racers to victory.

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  1. The Racers have won 7 in a row. Last loss was at Richmond in 2008 47-60. Overall the Racers lead 94-59 and are 52-21 at home.