Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Murray State to the CBI?

Statsheet.com has projected the remaining games in college basketball and has projected the seedings for all the post season tournaments. Their calculations have Murray State playing in the prestigious College Basketball Invitational.

To miss the NCAA Tournament and the NIT after a 31-2 season, that's disappointment on a level I have never even heard of.

For those who are just mildly incompetent when it comes to college basketball, the CBI is a 16 team tournament created by the Gazzelle Group way back in 2007.

Now, if you are glass half full kind of person you may think "well, at least this is a winnable tournament." But if your optimism isn't nearly that high you are probably scanning your memory to see if you remember who won the CBI Championship last year and thinking "so if we win, does that mean we are 101st best team in College Basketball?"

BTW, The 2012 Champion, Pittsburgh, defeated Washington State in the final game.

Obviously, these are just projections and should be taken lightly. After all, all it will take is two wins in Municipal Auditorium and the Racers are headed to the Big Dance.

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