Thursday, January 24, 2013

Murray State 47, Tennessee Tech 39: Postmortem

Tonight was the lowest point total in the Steve Prohm era
Can some one please tell me what is wrong with the lighting at Hooper Eblen? Tennessee Tech shot just over 25% and Murray State shot a season low 5.6% from three. Unlike previous games the lid stayed on after halftime for the Racers, luckily Tennessee Tech was just a little worse and their 13 point second half performance allowed Murray State to squeak by to a 15-4 record.

ESPNU could not have picked a worse game to televise and showcase the OVC with. Other than a few dunks, this game was a snoozer. A 4 point lead felt like a blowout as Tech stayed stuck on 32 points from the 13 minute mark down to almost the 7 minute mark. It was easily the ugliest game Murray State has played all season. They looked unenthusiastic, there was no rhythm in the offense, they turned the ball over 23 times and missed 17 of 18 threes but luckily tonight's opponent wasn't Belmont it was Tennessee Tech.


  • I still do not know how we are going to get Isaiah Canaan some looks. We ran more set plays, Wilson got looks, Moss got looks, Fields got a clean shot at the basket a time or two but getting the All-American open has been a struggle.
  • I am sure anyone associated with the Ohio Valley Conference is hoping the ratings for this game was low. I can not wait to get back on TV next Saturday and show everyone how big of a fluke this was.
  • That crowd didn't help the image of the OVC either. One would think that a nationally televised game versus a well known opponent would bring out enough people to make it look respectable. Seeing that crowd made me realize how lucky I am to be a Racer fan. Even in our worse years we pull more support for our players than that.
  • Isaiah Canaan scored 15 points but did not have a good game scoring wise. Canaan turned it over 5 times and shot only 1 of 5 from three. Like I said earlier, his struggles stem from not getting open and being the only ball handler on the court.The NBA scouts in attendance may have left more impressed with the guy below.
  • Ed Daniel got in foul trouble early but got another double-double scoring 10 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. After sitting out almost the entire first half Ed still put on a rather impressive performance in 25 minutes. 
  • Stacey Wilson is so frustrating to watch sometimes. When the ball is in his hands I tend to cringe waiting for the ball to land in the hands of the other team or be thrown out of bounds. Stacey finished with a game high 7 turnovers and missed all six of his threes. Yet, just when he's got you cursing his name the guy comes away with two huge steals and a bucket to give Murray State the lead for good.
  • Brandon Garrett had one of the nastiest dunks we have seen all season in the first half. Garrett finished with 6 points and 7 rebounds. He also benefited from a wild play that ended with him slamming one home and drawing the foul to extend the lead to 7.
  • Latreze Mushatt had a couple of big buckets including a big lay-up to extend the lead to 4. When he starts to get more playing time and starts to become comfortable out on the floor again, is when I expect Murray State to start rolling.
  • Dexter Fields played a forgettable game as he shot 0 for 5 from three point land. Not trying to hate on Dex at all but let's be honest none of them were really close. Seriously, someone tell me, is there a bad backdrop behind the goals there or what?
After getting up 8-0 early I really thought Murray State had finally put the slow starts behind them. Then they closed out the half scoring only 12 more points. We all know they will not be able to do that against some of the better teams in the conference and still come away with a victory. 

At the end of the day, we escaped. It wasn't pretty but we escaped. Now let's move on to Jacksonville, State maybe the lighting in Pete Matthews Coliseum will be a little better.

(Fun Side note: Our football team scored  21 more points against Tennessee Tech in football this season. 70-35 was the score of that game.)

Go Racers!


  1. It was a terrible game all around. Murray has been lackluster this year, pretty much all year! I blame a lot on Prohm. He has to be able to get his team fired up and it's just not happening. Canaan is smothered every game. With no other real good do to threat it's not going to get any better. I think more playing time for Moss is warranted for sure.

  2. I like Moss and I am really excited about the player he will turn into in the future. Him and McCree will be tough in the next few years. He did okay last night but a couple of his three point attempts were way off the mark.