Saturday, January 26, 2013

Jacksonville State 65, Murray State 64 Postmortem

Murray State trails at halftime and comes back to win by 8 to 10 points. That has been the routine for the last few games but tonight was the exception. Jacksonville State gave up all of their 10 point cushion as Murray State came all the way back to take the lead on a Brandon Garrett hook shot with 8.1 seconds left. But JSU benefited from a foul call on Jeffery Moss and collected their first win ever over Murray State sending all 52 JSU fans home happy.

I don't like doing it, as a matter of fact I despise the one's who do. But I am going to complain about the officiating. Of the four technical fouls handed out only one was really deserving. The technicals effected the outcome and were not really warranted. The game was physical but the amount of fouls called are more of a reflection of a loose whistle. The officials were desperately trying to get control of the game but they went about the wrong way, IMO. Just handing out T's left and right, to me, is a sign of an inexperienced official.  The last defensive play for Murray State was questionable, it could have gone either way, unfortunately it went the way of the Gamecocks and leaves us with a bitter pill to swallow.

Lets further examine this one:

  • This may come off as sour grapes but my goodness, how can a D1 team play in that barn they call an arena? I am tired of watching Murray State play in front of a crowd that is comparable to that of a high school game and a facility with no TV lights, wooden benches and no digital accompaniment. Seeing facilities like the one's at JSU make me ever so thankful I am a Murray State fan.
  • Let me say one more thing about the officiating and I swear I am done. With just under 8 minutes to play Ed Daniel was called for interferring with the ball in the cylinder. It looked like a bad call and Ed reacted by tossing the ball towards the student section. Both benches had to be calmed down by coaches and even the officials began to get testy. There are very many D1 basketball games going on at once and out of all the officials in the NCAA not all of them are good. So what do they do with their bad ones? They stick them in the Ohio Valley Conference.
  • Brandon Garrett picked up his 4th foul early in the second but played a really good game his put back off a Canaan miss cut the lead to two with under 4 to play.  He would have had the game winner had Moss not fouled. He finished with 6 big points.
  • Isaiah Canaan at the 11:30 mark had only 5 points. Hit his first three at the under 10 mark to cut the lead to  45-43. What is puzzling is his struggles as the free throw line as of late. Tonight Canaaan missed three and they were big. He had a  huge jumper and foul to cut lead to 4 and tied it up with a put back with 2:25 left. He finished with a cool 20 points and 4 assists. 
  • Stacy Wilson was leading the team and keeping Murray State in the game early in the second half by hitting a three and getting a backwards three point play. What could have been One of the most costly plays of the game was his foul with 2 seconds on the shot clock. At that point you just let the ball go back and take your chances on them lucking in a shot. Luckily they missed both free throws. He was not as lucky when allowed separation and gave up the go ahead three with over a minute to go. Wilson brought us back in it with a three pointer to cut the lead to 2 but then fouled out on the next play. Wilson had 16 points on 6-11 shooting. Other than a few defensive mistakes it was a pretty good game for Stacey.
  • Ed Daniel got pushed in the back almost the whole game and still finished with 17 rebounds. Sure we look back and wished he would have hit just one more free throw but the guy played his heart out and gave a chance to the win the game by getting yet another double-double.
  • Dexter Fields had a WIDE OPEN three that would have given the Racers a three point lead and missed it. If anyone can find his shot and return it to him it would be much appreciated. When Dexter hits Murray State can become dangerous with so many people to guard along the perimeter. I am telling you guys he is the key.
  • Jefferey Moss Hit a three in the first half and had a chance to a big three that would have given the Racers the lead with over 8 minutes to play. That was after he had a great defensive play to force JSU into an air ball.
  • Latreze Mushatt Had 6 points and got some huge offensive boards and a huge put back with over 6 to play.  I wish he could have finished more of those offensive put backs but it does appear that he is starting to get back into the swing of things which will be huge for Murray State.

The good news is, is that something crazy will have to happen for Murray State to not win the OVC West Division meaning that they will most likely still get a double bye. Meaning that it will still only take 2 wins in Nashville to go to the Big Dance. Meaning that, by and large, this game doesn't really matter as long as Murray wins the West. Yet, for someone who hates losing as much as I do this will be a tough one to live with for the next week as we will not get to see our Racers play until next Saturday when they host Austin Peay. Hope to see you guys there.

Go Racers!


  1. So you didn't like that barn that JSU plays in? Well, you see, JSU doesn't have any money for a new arena cause they dont have any fans. They dont have any fans cause they have a pretty crappy basketball program. But that crappy basketball program just beat Murray tonight. And it was a fair fight - the refs called it fair both ways. Only losers find excuses and point fingers.

    1. We were on Fox Sports South in HD just a couple of weekends ago -- who, by the way, were using JSU's own cameras and crew. We looked fine without TV lights then. Any possibility the visual quality was the result of that standard-def public access TV operation y'all brought down from Murray? Let me answer that for you: Yes, it was.

  2. Take your beating like men. You are a bunch of sore losers. Also, your team is the most classless team I have ever witnessed. They beat everyone out of the coliseum. Lets just blame officials and talk about the terrible arena, but lets not talk about the 10 turnovers and JSU's 18pts off of those turnovers. I am sad we don't get to come to your nice little arena and whup you there. GO GAMECOCKS!

  3. Just sour grapes. Some more losses are headed your way.

  4. For Murray to talk about our basketball arena, let's compare football stadiums. There you are not even in our league.

    1. I agree for an FCS school the football facilities are very impressive.

    2. Tonight I would be disgraced to call myself a Murray State basketball fan and talked with several Murray State fans after the game who felt the same. The team left the court without a handshake and were the first to leave the arena. That shows the true colors of a team. If you can hold your cool and show respect for the other team, whether it be a win or a loss. Truly disappointed in Murray State.

    3. I would like to think that was because the JSU players began to celebrate at mid court and the coaching staff probably thought it would be best for the Murray players to leave the court in case the Jacksonvilie state fan rushed the court. But i guess he didn't

  5. I did not say the officials favored JSU or that Jacksonville state doesn't win even if the officiating was better. Those technical fouls played a part in the outcome though. That is all I am saying. Yes you guys "whuped" us, whatever that means.
    Murray State should not have lost this game but hats off to JSU and Brian Williams for making those free throws.

  6. Yes the officials made some bad calls on both ends but Im blaming this one on Prohm. He has to get our guys ready to play coming out of the gates. Too many times we've dug ourselves a hole. This time it came back to bite us just like the EKU game.

  7. LMAO! The football school beat the "premier" OVC basketball school -- in basketball....and it was all because of the officials. Grow up and tote your whupped @$$ back to Murray.

  8. This is the sorriest excuse for journalism I've seen in a long time. You spin every detail as if Murray was not at fault at all. I'm willing to bet if one of your players ran a red light you would blame the manufacturers. You came into this game expecting the same pushovers of the past and got beat. INstead of acknowledging your much improved opponent, you show just as much class as your team did after the game. Exactly who are you to insult our "52 fans?" Can you count?. Did you learn to count at Murray State? Is that how bad your Math department is? I suppose there's two things they don't teach students at Murray State, how to count and how to beat JSU.

    1. First of all I did criticize Murray States play. Secondly, are you incapable of understanding sarcasm? Because if not, I am afraid the internet may not be for you.

    2. Classless look towards y'all student section, and the JSU students that sit behind the Murray bench that kept telling us and the team to sit down, when there ticket was for the section across the jsu bench. (I saw their tickets that two of them dropped)

      The murray players and coaches did not leave till around 8:00pm. I stood by the bus and shook everyone of their hands.

      Im sure Steve is not putting it all on the refs, BUT just a few bad calls turns in to free throws down the road, and can control the game.

      But hey the overall series between the two schools are 16-1, so enjoy it.

      Also, what the hell was that with the buzzer when murray in bounds the pass with 7.0 on clock? That should of been a technical called on the bench if a jsu worker was running it. Sinceless bullchit

      But now the game is over, good luck may we see you in Nashville come Marc.....oh that's right, never mind, see y'all in Murray next year. Not like y'all travel anyway.

    3. JSU students do not need tickets to attend games; their IDs serve as tickets. Not really sure which student's tickets you are referring to as sitting behind the MSU fans/bench. Please do not act as if JSU's band was unacceptable. You've seen bands/students hassel visiting teams much worse. (see Duke). I've seen plenty of visiting fans go over to our band and shake hands with them after the game.

      Nice jab about our ineligibility. Rest assured that our ineligibility is at no fault of any of the players that beat you today.

      Please go watch the last 10 seconds of the game over. You will see that the scoreboard was on 10 seconds and malfunctioned to 7 before the ball was in play.

      No, we don't travel well for basketball. Please understand that Alabama is as much as a football state as Kentucky is a basketball state, as evident by the 2 current national champions respectively.

    4. I did not keep the tickets in question, they had a sticker on them, and were printed with 0.00 as the price, they looked to be early 20's or so. But they were for another section requardless.

      Besides UK and Louisville no other team travels in KY besides Murray. They bring fans to all their games on the road. More fans from murray were al jsu tonight then the last 4 games of jsu fans at murray.

      About if a murray player running a light and we would not put him at blame? Ask me about Zay Jackson. I do not support him after seeing the video. This may be unpopular with murray fans, but we all have opinions, and should not judge each other on this.

    5. "Im sure Steve is not putting it all on the refs, BUT just a few bad calls turns in to free throws down the road, and can control the game."

      Exactly Nick, Officials didn't miss wide open threes, the officials didn't turn the ball over, the officials didn't get beat back door. Yet, they did make a series of calls that are frustrating when I look back on it. I hope people understand I am not making excuses, simply venting my frustration over a game we should have won.

      When a game is decided by one point, a missed free throw, a turnover, a missed shot and even just one suspect call determined the outcome. OVC officials have been notorious for being bad. I though Isaiah walked on two of his drives to the basket. He made one of them so there are two points that shouldn't have been on the board. Missed calls happen and when they happen in a one possession game its hard not to speculate and entertain the idea "what if those calls went the other way?"

  9. Face it Murray is a basketball school.

    Fact number 1 – Basketball is a concession sport for schools that cannot play football. Murray is a basketball school who cannot play football.

    Fact number 2 – The only reason people go to watch Murray play basketball is because you cannot get tickets to a UK game!

    I’ve been to Murray to watch a football game. You had 3000 people at the game. Your football stadium was ok. Nothing great.

    The Jax basketball stadium is old. We might be getting a new one soon or an upgrade. Then it will be better yours!

    1. Every football game that I have been to has been well over 3,000 people.

      If I was handed a UK basketball ticket, I'd sell it and go buy Murray tickets. I am not a UK fan at all.

      Look at bigger schools, UK can be a football school, but they spend their money on basketball.

      I have no problem with Murray being a basketball school, I like basketball more then football anyway.

    2. You're first 2 "facts" are so ridiculous they don't even warrant a response. Also I'll be shocked if JSU ever has a decent basketball stadium, let alone one that rivals the Bank. And I like how proud you are of your amazing little football school even though it's not even the best football school in a basketball conference. Eastern Illinois has more OVC championships than you since 2000 and you have made the playoffs 3 times in the last 20 years and didn't win a game in any of those appearances.

    3. All of the money you put into your basketball team still didn't even buy you a victory. Face it, this isn't the JSU team of old. You got beat by a worthy opponent, not upset by a flash in the pan. And try not to be so arrogant, Belmont and Tennessee State are miles ahead of you lol.

    4. Nick, you are correct on the attendance I was wrong. Murray actually had more than 3000 fans at the football game that I went to:

      Scoring Summary (Final)
      2005 Ohio Valley Conference Football
      Jacksonville State vs Murray State (Oct 08, 2005 at Murray, Ky.)

      Jacksonville State (2-4,2-1) vs. Murray State (1-4,0-2)
      Date: Oct 08, 2005 Site: Murray, Ky. Stadium: Roy Stewart Stadium
      Attendance: 3275

      Score by Quarters 1 2 3 4 Score
      ----------------- -- -- -- -- -----
      Jacksonville State.. 0 7 14 7 - 28
      Murray State........ 7 0 7 9 - 23

      3275 to be exact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I will admit, then I was wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "Well over 3000", you are correct!!!!!!!!!!

      +275 to be exact:):):):):):):)

  10. This whole article is crap. The "journalist" should be ashamed.

    Now on to the game. The Murray fans I sat by were gracious and fun to sit with. If you are upset with OVC officials, you have never been to an OVC game of any kind. They are terrible.

    Murray will always be a better basketball school with better facilities than JSU. JSU will always be a better football school with better facilities than Murray. You attention is where your money is.

    Cannon has read to many clippings and stands at the wing and waits for his 3pt attempts. He has changed his game since last year. If he starts playing team ball again, Murray will return to number 2 in the conference. Murray is probably tied for third with Tenn ST, behind Belmont and then EKU. Belmont is by far the best team the OVC has. That being said, I wouldn't bet against Murray in the tourney right now against anyone. Too much talent.

    Good luck the rest of the way.