Friday, January 25, 2013

J'State Road Trip

I have decided to make the trip down south for the winter, at least for a weekend. This will make my second trip to JSU, the first was back in 2004 when I went to a NASCAR race at Talladega and needed to use a college day, but after getting to the school after a long weekend, and they told me they was running behind, I got a book and left, I had no interest in attending school there, just need a free skip day class and go to the races.

This post will have a little travel log of what all we do and see, not just on the game, just in case anyone else would like to take the trip sometime.

I am also going to start to do the "Through the Eyes of a Fan" during halftime and at the end of the games, that way it's still fresh and i still have the emotion of the events that took place in the game, since i want to do it as I, the fan see the games, if i wait a day or three to do, the emotion has left, although I'd still like to say a few words to #3 from EKU, (just like with Peay, I refuse to give him credit by using his name.) I have the Blogger app on my phone and I will be using it, on this trip and other games.

1:31pm Friday: So doing this on my phone is kind of hard so please excuse any more grammer and spelling errors then normal. But we are headed down to the land of #RollDamnProhm, not sure where we will stay yet, just winging it!
5:00 PM Friday After a stop in Cadiz for some burgers and a stop in Franklin TN we are now getting close to halfway to Oxford AL. Was hoping to be about 2-2 1/2 hours a head of where we are now. But looks like we will get there around 8pm
8:06PM at Villa Fiesta in Gadsden AL. I ate at a Mexican place here a few years ago and loved it. They had a "Flaming Cheese" so I googled it, well they have it here, but its not the same place, oh well I'll see if its any good, the place is packed so they must be doing something right here.

It is now 10:23 and we made it to the Hilton Garden Inn in Oxford, AL. Of the places on my travel app this was one of the best picks to stop at.

The flaming Cheese at Villa Fiesta was very good and I recommend it!

Had a good trip, rain it to a little rain along the way, and hit Nashville at rush hour. But made it off Mounteagel without running off the side of the mountain or getting a speeding ticket. Also fault off the urge to stop at many of the bright neon firework Mega stores and load up on black cats, sparklers, and bottle rockets!

I type this update from the hotel bar, having a little drink to unwind the day and relax before tomorrow. Thinking about going to the International Motorsports Hall Of Fame at Talladega Super Speedway in the morning before heading to Jacksonville to cheer on the Racers to a victory!

**Things Heard at the Hilton Bar** Four older guys trying to figure out a word game, "You want me to put the J where?" I think he's getting pretty upset with it. Maybe Maxwell the pig will teach him once he gets off the plane.

1:28 AM Saturday: Ihop beside the hotel - enough said! :-)

9:00 AM: Good Morning Racer Nation! About to hop in the shower, drink a red powerade, and head out for the day.

Between the hotel bar and walking over to ihop, I fixed the toilet in the room, it would not flush, I removed the tank lid and the chain on the level was unhooked from the flush valve. I hooked it back up and works as good as new now. Just get a good feeling fixing stuff myself then having someone else make a simple, easy, quick repair.

1:37pm and we just left the International Motor sports hall of fame, saw a lot of cool cars and toured the track at Talladega. Now off to grab a bite and hopefully catch half of the Lady Racers and then the guys beat down of the Gamecocks. (No pun intended...)

I am have problems uploading photos. They keep disappearing when I go to update my post. Hopefully we can fix that and I can share some for you guys and gals.

I really enjoyed looking at the older race cars, when they looked like car cars and not all a prefabbed template with just a sticker to tell the difference between a Chevy and a Ford.

Pretty sure this lady thinks we are following her, saw her at the hotel bar, at the hall of fame, now we are eating at the sane place. Just need the old guys playing WWF to show up so we can ask one if he knows where to put the J now.

3:55: after lunch at Montana steak house just down the road from the racetrack and a few wrong turns and possible backwards directions we have made it inside The Pete, there is some blue and gold in the arena today, and see more filing in each time I look around. I am on the front row just as the bench starts on the end zone.
The arena kind of reminds me of a high school gym, but that tends to be the going rate of the OVC. (Martin, EIU, SIUe) but overall it looks like a nice place.

Just had an awesome post game meal from Bojangles in Jacksonville. Now off to Oxford to the hotel. Not sure what tonight and tomorrow will bring. But unless the good Lord brings us all home tonight the sun will rise in Racer Nation. And we will regroup and take this out on an team from Clarksville at home next Saturday
After reading Steve's post I have realized that all the 'Red' teams in the OVC seem to be on the classless side, never had much of an issue at Martin, EIU, TSU, TTU. But Clarksville College, SIUe, SEMO, and now JSU along with the Goattoppers of South Central Kentucky Community College have some pretty bad mouth disrespectful fans. I'm not saying they ALL are, but the ones I heard and saw near me were.
Always thought Brian Williams was the host of the Nighty News off of NBC.
But the game is over, may both teams have a wonderful season, and good luck to the gamecocks, see y'all in Nashville....oh...never mind.
11:35 Sunday. After staying in bed as long as we could, finally rose around 10:30, got packed and checked out. 12:28 I had to move the "eyes" post to its own post, I had reached the post limit and could not keep trying. Just had an awesome lunch at Sonny's by the hotel. Now its time to head back to the bluegrass and get ready for the week. 3:05pm. Just merged on 59 for the drive home. 305 miles to go. 7:31pm no not home yet, we went to Lookout Mountain since I have not been in over 20 years. After a 30 minute nap at a gas station, a Stacker 6 hour energy and half a NOS later we are at Hooters south of Nashville. Going to chow down on some wings and hopefully the next stop will be my driveway in Kirksey. 10:20pm: HOME!! Thank you for tuning into the ride. I had fun this weekend, now its time for bed! Goodnight friends. Peace Out & GO RACERS!!