Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Give Me A Crayon, Time To Work On Geography

In the most recent months, and past year, it seems as if it's become a fad for colleges to change conferences.  This can consist, but is not limited to, of a college either moving from a conference they had no logical reason to exist in to one that perhaps makes more sense, or a college moving from a conference that made perfect sense for them to one that makes absolutely no sense.

Because there is such a broad list of NCAA conferences, let's take a look at a couple of the bigger ones.

We can start with the ACC and it's most recent college gains.  The ACC has managed to acquire Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Notre Dame (not Football or Hockey), and the University of Louisville.

I don't know if any of you have managed to take a look at a map of the United States recently, but I have and trust me, it hasn't changed much.  Last time I checked, the state of Indiana fell under the "Midwest" region, and Kentucky ranges from Midwest to South depending on it's usage.  ACC stands for:


I would love an explanation on how Notre Dame, which is in northern Indiana, and the University of Louisville, which is in Kentuckiana, can even be considered for an ACC bid.  Apparently, the names of the conferences don't apply to any sort of actual geographical location to avoid confusion (Or something like that).

With these additions to the ACC, Maryland has decided to exit the ACC and join the Big 10...what?  For those of you who didn't pass the coloring book class of Geography, Maryland is happily situated between West Virginia, Virginia, Delaware, and Pennsylvania, respectively.  Why, then, is a team that SHOULD be joining either the Big East or staying in the ACC, join a team in the middle of the United States?  What's next?  Is San Diego St. going to consider moving to the Big East?

Oh wait, that's right.  They are in talks with them right now.  Of course they are considering about not joining due to Boise St. deciding against joining.  Yes, that is correct.  Boise St. and San Diego St. were considering to join the Big East.  Again, what is going on with these conference changes?

I believe it's time for a change with the conferences.  Either keep the colleges consistent with the geographical name of the conference (to those that apply), or change the names of the conferences to avoid yourselves looking like you failed geography as a child.  Of course, that is a rather drastic measure and would surely destroy the sanctity of the NCAA as it stands today.  Or increase the restrictions and decrease the exiting ability of a college from it's conference.

Sorry, but San Diego St. and Boise St. have no reason to even CONSIDER joining a conference on the entire other side of the country.  Especially one named THE BIG EAST.  At least Syracuse and Pittsburgh are close to the respective region they are joining.

Of course what we could do, is just change the name of the "United States of America" to the "Big East States of America".

Even though I enjoy the feeling I get when I see that the Big East is breaking up and bringing in mid major schools that will surely hurt the conference's identity even more, I would rather see a conference stay in tact and create traditions and continue rivalries.

Of course this brings up another topic.  Whats going to happen to the 7 Catholic schools that broke off the Big East?  There have been rumors buzzing around that they are considering starting a Catholic Conference, which is an idea I can agree with if it wasn't for one thing.  I agree with it mainly due to the fact that it won't be geographical, and would be rather hard for a college to slip in that shouldn't be there.  A Catholic powerhouse conference would be very interesting to watch.

The one fault I see is that if this were to happen, I'm afraid more religions would begin to pop up with their own conferences and we would begin to see a whole slew of ridiculous additions and subtractions from conferences.

Even with it's fault, I think the best part of having a Catholic Conference would be it's name.  What would they name the conference?  How about "The Big Priest's"?

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  1. It's just a matter of time before there will just be around 4 "super conferences" after all this takes its shape