Monday, January 21, 2013

Fans really do make a difference. (Analyzing the crowd at the SIU-E game)

Whether it was the breast cancer awareness night or the excited racer fans; the crowd last night in the CFSB Center was great!

I was in the third row in the student section and there were four power rangers cheering next to me.  Honestly, I'm not sure if they were actually there for the game or the attention, they did get on Racer Vision quite often. They did, however, start plenty of chants and tried their best to get the student section involved. So kudos to them.

The Stampede has reached 1,000 members this year which has helped get the students to the games, but not all of the students will stand and cheer for the whole game. When they did get up off their seats and make noise the Bank got loud.

At one point the Racers were down by 14 points and I was still screaming my lungs out because I knew they did have the potential and ability to come back and win the game.

As the end result, the racers won and I know the team appreciates the rowdy crowd cheering them on.

I give the crowd an A for last night's game and I suspect my grades will not change for quite some time with the next three opponents being Austin Peay, Belmont and TSU.

Hey! Go Racers!


  1. It was an awesome crowd for the game. The guys really feed off the fans being loud and supportive!

  2. We need this same energy every night. i wasn't able to make it to the game but I'll be there for Austin Peay.