Monday, January 21, 2013

Edwards Top 25 (Week 12)

After following ESPN and their "Power Rankings" system they do every week, I have decided that I will create my own "Power Rankings" or Top 25 and put it here every Monday. I will give an explanation to my thoughts on the current top 5 teams, then list the remaining 20. My Top 25 rankings will be developed based on a following thoughts (not in order of importance): 1) The past week's performance 2) SOS and their actual performance during their toughest games 3) Future Schedule 4) Their Conference *Please note, this Top 25 is complete opinion.
Top 25 Reason
1. Kansas Even though they are in a weaker conference (Big 12), they have shown to be a great team and dominate. Come tourney time, they will certainly be in contention for the title. This week's game against Kansas State will definitely be a great rivalry game to watch, the fact that ESPN has decided to only show it on ESPN3 is a little ridiculous.
2. Duke With one of their best players out "indefinitely", Duke is in a scary position. This was a tough choice at #2, but I show confidence in this team especially due to the fact that Coach K is playing Amille Jefferson more in the absence of Kelly to make up the difference. With Kelly, no doubt a title contender, without Kelly, iffy on being a Final Four team unless they develop more without him in the mean time.
3. IU IU might be the toughest team with the most talent on their hands that does NOT get utilized correctly. Tom Crean has the best chance out of all of the teams to win it all this year if he develops the rest of his team correctly. Regardless, IU WILL be a large factor in the tournament.
4. Michigan Even though they lost their only tough game to a team (OSU) that has not been able to capitalize on their own schedule (except against Michigan), they are still in one of the toughest conferences. I need to see more games from them against worthy opponents to their ranking before I rank them any higher. They have great potential, I'd just like to see how it's utilized in the tougher games.
5. Syracuse Syracuse was able to go into the Yum! arena and knock off Louisville (who was healthy and ready to play mind you) without their best player. They exposed UofL's weaknesses and capitalized. Exactly what a NCAA title contender SHOULD be doing. Not losing to Temple on a neutral court. This Syracuse team will go deep into the tourney and should certainly be a factor in your bracket.

6. Florida
7. Louisville
8. Minnesota
9. Arizona
10. Missouri
11. Butler
12. Kansas State
13. Michigan State
14. VCU
15. Ohio State
16. New Mexico
17. NC State
18. Creighton
19. Gonzaga
20. Miami
21. Oregon
22. UCLA
23. Cincinatti
24. Iowa State
25. Wisconsin


  1. No Gonzaga? Unless i missed them in the poll, you definitely did.

  2. While I believe Gonzaga to be heavily overrated, they remain in the top 25 due to them almost taking down Butler this past week (which I had really hoped to see). You missed them at 19.

  3. Damn I sure did. My mistake. Also Mizzou at 10 seems like a BIG stretch after a 15 point loss to Ole Miss and a 31 point loss to Florida

  4. Arizona @ 9.... Come on. They had one of the toughest out of conference schedules and lost to an underated Oregon team on the road....

  5. Huge KU fan but even I know this is a joke...

  6. KU has shown that they can handle a tough competition team down the stretch of the season from last nights game at KSU. They will definitely be a top contender for the title this year.

    Arizona, in my opinion, should have 2 more losses on their record. They are NOT as tough as everyone is giving them credit for, and I believe they should actually be a bit a lower than what I put them at (but that is just being more critical on my part than logic).

    Mizzou, when Bowers gets back, will be one of the toughest teams out there. Losing him was almost as bad as Duke losing Kelly. With Bowers, they have quite a strong team that I believe would rate them at 10. I'm not merely basing my top 10 on now, but on potential as well. I look ahead and try to for see how things will pan out throughout the week.

  7. As a wildcats fan I'm tired of hearing the "shoulda, coulda, woulda". We were down 6 with a minute left to an outstanding Florida team and put up some of the toughest inbound defense I have ever seen and came up with the W. When it comes down to tournament time all of these close games against great teams will prove to be invaluable... Not to mention we curb stomped a good Miami team that I think may upset duke tonight. Don't even get me started on Mizzouri, I don't care if your missing your head coach no "top 10 team" should ever lose by 30...

    1. You know that Bowers is a player, right? It's also based chemistry for your team, it's very easy to lose by a huge amount if a player that everyone relies on having a good game and creating more points than scoring them. By that, I mean starting team plays. It's all based chemistry, lose one component, and your substance changes.

      Miami has their best player out tonight as well, will be a good game to watch the two top ACC teams go against each other both unhealthy.

      And FYI -- that "curb stomping" you did to Miami was done without Miami's best player. Congratulations on your huge accomplishment. Before you open your mouth or give your opinion on the internet in the future about your precious Wildcats, you should do some fact checking.

    2. I do know that bower is a player was just making a point and when you talk about a great top 10 team who relies on 1 single player to get their chemistry going then in fact you are not a top 10 team. I love how you talk about how Arizona "should have 2 more losses" then say "not every team has a great game" in regards to Kansas... Your bias shows and then nullifies any picks or points you try to make... You should make sure your replies are based more on logic, the favoritism is very evident.

    3. Hey Jake now that Kansas will be ranked #1 in all polls come Monday maybe you should tell everyone who your team is.

    4. I feel like telling everyone who my favorite team is right now will be useless come next Monday when I do another poll and they see how far they drop.

      To Anon -- my favorite team is NOT Kansas. I have never liked Kansas. I never will like Kansas. I am being objective, not favoriting. Your rash judgements are erroneous and outlandish.

      I don't think you did know that Bowers was a player, you probably looked it up after you felt stupid for my comment back to you.

      I also feel as if you have never actually played for a good basketball team before. Or any team at all. Of course it is still a team sport, but the fact remains that there will more than likely be one person that leads the team and creates the momentum for the team to run with. Also -- where does your stance of "I love how you talk about how Arizona "should have 2 more losses" then say "not every team has a great game" in regards to Kansas... " make any sense? The two are unrelated. Those two games I was referring to were games that should have been won by the other team based on real, factual points that the refs disregarded and favorited Zona. Take for instance the buzzer at the Colorado game, that was absolutely appalling and those refs ought to be fired. But they weren't. I am taking a practical approach to the top 25 here, there is no bias.

    5. I said "I don't care if your missing your head coach no "top 10 team" should ever lose by 30" to put emphasis that even the most important person on a top 10 team could be missing and they should still not lose by 30. What do you think I thought, that Bower was an assistant coach or waterboy...? Please don't insult my intelligence. With that being said I respect your opinion and comments as this is your blog that you created. I was linked here from an ESPN board where I was getting tired of people ragging on the Wildcats as a sub-par team that doesn't deserve the light of day, not saying that you are one of them but I hope you can see why I may have come off a little hostile earlier. Anyways rankings as we all know are very subjective and nothing really matters until March so best of luck and I will try to get back on here sometime soon as I am getting tired of the trolls on ESPN. (played baseball in HS, only basketball in pick up games at the rec when I have the chance so I understand team dynamics but every great team has a back up plan as I am sure you know as a team player)

  8. And Kansas at #1 is so ridiculious I don't have anything to say... An ok Texas team had them against the ropes for the majority of the game...

    1. How is it ridiculous? Not every team has an amazing game. KU is on a 17 game win streak, they just beat their big rivals at their rivals home court. They are the real deal. Just watch, come March, you will be picking them to go farther than you expect.