Monday, January 28, 2013

Edwards Top 25 (Week 13)

NCAAB is a lot of fun, isn't it? The best and worst part about this sport is the unpredictability. 

Any single team can beat any other team on any given night. All that has to happen is the circumstances line up for it to happen. A player could be injured, a ref could make a terrible call that goes in favor of the wrong team, or a miraculous shot can be thrown out of no where just in nick of time to win a game. This has certainly been evident in the past week with all of the upsets, and it certainly had made this week's choices that much more difficult to actually choose. I'd say I had to go back and edit this week's list about 18 or 19 times before I finalized it. Not only has this week been such a magnificently upsetting week, but the entire year itself has been full of them. It just makes for fantastic basketball. I don't know about you, but I absolutely can not wait until the NCAA tournament.
With that being said, here are my Top 25 picks for this week.
Top 5 Reason
1. Kansas (+/-0) Kansas still remains my number one pick this week. They didn't lose, they remained strong against tough teams, and not to mention an away game against one of their biggest rivals. This team is by far the best team in NCAAB right now. I can't see too many teams holding a candle to them in the tourney if they stay healthy.
2. Michigan (+2) With a big win against a falling Illinois team, Michigan has moved up 2 spots in the rankings. Winning against Illinois at Illinois was a big deal for this team, and it helped prove to me that they are among the elite. However, this weekends game against IU will certainly be an interesting one. Even though I'm going to have to miss it, I'll definitely be putting it on DVR to watch later. Should be an excellent game that will show us who is the real top dog of the B1G.
3. IU (+/-0) IU is without a doubt one of the toughest teams in the nation, they have the ability, the talent, and the sheer will to win the tough games. The only problem is Tom Crean. Why has this team been getting softer and softer as the year has progressed? He needs to toughen them up before Saturday's game against Michigan if he expects to be an actual contender in the tourney. This past week's game against Michigan State was a great start.
4. Duke (-2) Losing to Miami was quite a heartbreaker for the Blue Devils. With one of the worst losses in Coach K history, and the 3rd worst loss by a number 1 team in history, this game needs to somehow be shoved out of their minds and they need to look to a better future. Hopefully one with Ryan Kelly, who is now on his 3rd week of the injury list. People were projecting 2-4 weeks for his injury, and let's hope they are right and that indefinitely turns into a real (and low) number in the distant future. A healthy Duke will just mean more and better competition for the ACC, and a much better tourney field come March.
5. Florida (+1) Need I explain? Florida is just tough. They currently have the highest BPI Rating in the country (92.4, Duke is now 2nd at 91.4). The only hit I will give them is they are in the SEC and don't get that much of a challenge in any of their games. Especially the one against Missouri when Bowers was out (I still believe that Mizzou would have made that game much better to watch had he played). I'm looking forward to the February 9th game against Ole Miss to see just how tough both teams actually are.

Top 6-25
6. Syracuse (-1)
7. Missouri (+3)
8. Ohio State (+7)
9. Miami (+11)
10. Oregon (+11)
11. Minnesota (-3)
12. Arizona (-3)
13. Louisville (-6)
14. Michigan State (-1)
15. Butler (-4)
16. Kansas State (-4)
17. Gonzaga (+2)
18. UCLA (+4)
19. NC State (-2)
20. Creighton (-2)
21. VCU (-7)
22. Wisconsin (+3)
23. Iowa State (+1)
24. Georgetown (NR)
25. Villanova (NR)

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