Friday, January 4, 2013

Buffalo Blow Up

For those of you who paid attention to last night's game between Arizona and Colorado were in for quite a treat.  While the 3rd ranked Arizona Wildcats were being routed by the Colorado Buffaloes for the majority of the game, they found a way to make it back into contention during the second half.  Within the last 10 seconds of the second half, the Buffaloes were ahead by 2 points, and incidentally fouled the Wildcats causing a trip to the free throw line.  Down went both free throws.  With a little over 9 seconds to play, the Buffaloes run down the court to try to make a desperate attempt at winning the game against the undefeated Wildcats.

Sabatino Chen brought the ball around the top of the key, and shot a game winning banked 3-pointer as time expires!

Or did he?

Now we get into one of the most ridiculous rules in NCAAB.  The official review.

I don't know about you, but taking a closer look at this image I have 100% faith in the fact that the ball is not touching any part of him here.  But since the fact of the matter is that there is the ability for the refs to go back and review the play, they did because it was so close to call final.

I'm almost a little surprised one of the refs didn't come back from the official review and throw a yellow flag onto the court and call a roughing the passer penalty.

Tad Boyle, Colorado's head coach, seems to agree with the absurd ability of the referees to be able to go back and review a play.  He didn't get to see the replay until after the game was over, and that is when he got irate.  In an interview with ESPN he declared he wasn't going to cry about the call, yet still went on to complain about what had happened.

After the officials decided to waive the good 3-pointer from Chen, it went into over time where Arizona stole the confidence from Colorado, and ended up beating them by 9.  In my opinion, this game was way too close for the presumably third ranked Wildcats.  If they were as good as they are made out to be, this game should have been a blowout, especially since it was at home.

Should the NCAA get rid of the official review?  Do you think it is ridiculous that the game even came down to this call?  Colorado blew a large advantage, and were also up by 10 1:44 left to go in the second half.  Error after error, after missed free throw caused them to lose.

Even though I believe the officials made the incorrect call, I believe Colorado did not deserve to win the game based on their second half performance.

Despite the efforts of the Buffaloes, Arizona remains in the undefeated spotlight with #1 Duke, #2 Michigan, and unranked Wyoming.

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