Monday, January 14, 2013

Calling all of RACER NATION!

I know this season is nothing like last year, and I do not expect a sellout crowd each game. Western was almost a sell out, but we need to get fans in the stands this week. The students are back, so that should help, but sadly without the ranking I do not see anywhere near as many as last year.

I have never understood why students have never really shown up for the games. Do all the students living on campus really have something to do on every game night? There is no excuse not to have 1,500 or more students at each game. For a student, and even a non-student fan, it is cheaper then a movie. Students get free tickets and the games last around two hours or so. Plus, it's closer walking distance than the theater in this cold weather.

As for the rest of us, I do understand the economy sucks, but for $8 to $10 for an upper level seat and $15 lower level (if any open up on game day) you can not really find any better entertainment. I see people from the Murray area going to Rupp, Yum Center, and other places where the tickets are a lot higher, parking cost, gas, and food, when they could just come to the CFSB center and support a local D1 team. Murray State could use the extra few bucks a bit more than UK. I do know UK is the state school and blah blah blah, but there is just as good, if not better ball being playing here in MKY.

So lets all show up in blue and gold this week and support the Racers as they take on EIU and SIUe, plus there are just 8, yes eight games that Canaan and Ed will play in Murray till they are away in the NBA making their mark there.

So come out Murray, come out to the ball game!

The rest of the schedule and times.

  • Jan 17: EIU 7:00
  • Jan 19: SIUe 7:30
  • Feb 2: Peay NOON - ESPNU
  • Feb 7: Belmont 7:00 - ESPNU
  • Feb 9: TSU 7:00
  • Feb 23 Sears/ESPN Brackbuster TBA
  • Feb 28 UTM 7:00
  • Mar 2 SEMO 7:30
Just since Belmont and Peay are ESPNU TV games, that is no reason to stay home or go to the bar to watch. Come on out to #thebank and act crazy and support the team.

Peace Out, and GO RACERS!

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