Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Blown call cost Notre Dame 28 points and a National Title

With Alabama leading 7-0 early in the first quarter, Notre Dame was forced to punt. Christion Jones muffed it and the ball was recovered by Notre Dame. The Irish were flagged for interferring with the return man costing them 28 points.

There’s no doubt that was the difference in the game cause Notre Dames push from the front 7 and their immaculate tackling would have obviously gave them  the crystal ball in the end.

Seriously though, Notre Dame fans, there’s absolutely no excuses. Let’s just say Notre Dame gets that call on the punt recovery. Worst case scenario it’s 7-3 Alabama. Face it the Irish were not moving the ball against the Tide tonight.

This wasn’t a game from the get go. Two years in a row we’ve seen Nick Saban and the Tide out perform and out prepare their competition. Two years in a row we’ve seen the opposing coach look like Deer in the headlights across the gridiron from Nick Saban.

He has been head and shoulders above his competition since the day he stepped foot on campus in Tuscaloosa. He’s been to 3 National Ships and as a Bama fan you haven’t even broken a sweat in any of the games. With Colt McCoy going out in the first game it was pretty much over, Bama’s  starters didn’t allow LSU across the 50 and this year you blink and it’s 21-0 before the game even got going.

Could you imagine how good Alabama would be if they had a quartback who could perform? For those that think AJ McCarron is not worthy of an NFL career obviously hasn’t seen his girlfriend. No but really, the man has performed on the biggest stage not once,  but twice.  He even said after the game “I love playing in big games.” He finished out his junior year with two national championship games where he had a completion percentage of nearly 70% and threw for nearly 500 yards 4 touchdowns and zero, I repeat zero, let me say this one more time, zero turnovers.  

As for Manti Teo, I was one of those who thought he deserved the Heisman but this game changed my opinion cause IMO that trophy goes to someone who can put their team on their back and alter the outcome of the game and Teo cannot do that. He was never the SOLE reason Notre Dame won a football game.

Basically the biggest obstacle Alabama had to overcome to win this game was arriving at the Stadium on time.  See ya in Pasadena, 2014.  


  1. If you listened to the broadcast, Kirk and Brent had a ref on the phone who confirmed the catch interference penalty was correct.

    1. And I should have read the whole thing before making an ass of myself.