Saturday, January 12, 2013

#AustinPeayHateDay Part 1

It’s that time again!  The greatest rivalry in the OVC and one of the most competitive rivalries in college sports, that’s right my friends, it’s time for Murray State and Austin Peay.  

The Racers slipped up against Eastern Kentucky on Wednesday but nothing would boost the spirits of all the fans in blue and gold more than seeing the Racers dominate the Governors in Clarksville.  But in order for that to happen, Murray State will need to follow two simple keys to victory.

First of all, the Racers must limit Austin Peay’s 3-point shot.  The Governors are hitting 43% of their threes and when they play Murray State, they always shoot above their average.  If the Racers allow wide open threes, then they will have to battle from behind the whole game.  

And second, Keep Austin Peay’s crowd out of the game. It sounds strange to say that for a team that averages just a little over two-thousand a game, but Austin Peay fans hate Murray State more than they like Austin Peay.  So expect there to be well over five-thousand “classy and well-behaved” Governors’ fans waiting for the opportunity to express their “wit and charm” to Murray State.  

With the right combination of Papst Blue Ribbon and Skoal, the Dunn can get pretty rowdy.  

In the end, I expect the Racers to bounce back from their recent loss and take care of business against the Governors.   

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