Thursday, August 23, 2012

Western Fans Are Mad at ESPN

Earlier this week, ESPN released rankings for the top 50 basketball programs in the last 50 years. Murray State received 241 points using a point system by the ESPN Stats and Information department, putting them at #28.

"28. Murray State 241 Points 

Positives:  The Racers' active streak of 25 straight winning seasons ranks fourth nationally (behind Syracuse, Kansas and Arizona). Their 22 conference titles since 1962 trail only Kentucky, UCLA, Kansas and Penn. Their 15 conference tourney titles in the Ohio Valley are more than UNLV, UConn and Gonzaga have racked up in their respective conferences."

WKU was put 30th with 236 points....and Hilltopper fans can't believe it and have resorted to their last line of defense to help themselves feel better by coming to the conclusion that ESPN is "clueless." 

I did see some mistakes in ESPN's piece for example;

"Positives: Made 1971 Final Four..."

I'm thinking ESPN should have at least mentioned that, that Final Four and third place finish no longer exists.  

The head to head in the last 20 years is close with Murray State leading 8 to 5 but when you take into fact that Murray State has 25 straight winning seasons and 22 Conference Championships, I don't care what conference you play in, that's impressive. Certainly more impressive than a program who only had 4 winning seasons from 1983 to 1992. 

Western does have more NCAA Tournament wins and with the help of the infamous, desperation Ty Rogers three pointer,  a recent Sweet 16 appearance in 2007 . However, that's what I like about this poll. They didn't allow a few games in March define how successful each season was and how prominent a program has been in the last 50 years. To do so would simply be foolish.

We'll see you December 16th. 

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