Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tyrann Mathieu Rumors

Rumors have been swirling about Tyrann Mathieu possibly transferring to Jacksonville State. Mathieu is also known as Honey Badger.

Today, we learned that Jacksonville State has not been given permission to talk Mathieu. LSU won't allow JSU to talk to him yet. Of course, that doesn't mean, he won't end up at Jacksonville State. Look at how long it took Berry to register at Murray State.
The Racers had plenty of time to wait for Berry to register. Jacksonville State does not have as much time. Classes start in on August 28th at Jacksonville State, so the clock is ticking. Mathieu is required to be a full-time student, if he wants to play football this season. He doesn't have a choice.

So what does this mean for Murray State if Honey Badger transfers to Jacksonville State?

A lot of things could happen here if JSU gets Mathieu. He's one of the best defenders and punt returners in all of football. He could be poised to set some FCS records, and it could allow Jacksonville State to compete with the Racers, and Colonels of Eastern Kentucky for an OVC title.

Jacksonville State already runs the ball a lot, and they pride themselves on defense. This will make their defense that much stronger. That's why they're a perenial powerhouse with Eastern Kentucky. In college football, defense wins you football games. Racer fans should be worried, if Honey Badger does come to Jacksonville State.

What happens if Honey Badger does not transfer to Jacksonville State?

Jacksonville State will still compete with the Racers, and the Colonels for an OVC championship. They may be an inch behind, instead of being right there with them. Defensive teams win more football games in college football than offensive teams. It's all about time of possession, and Jacksonville State prides themselves on that, and will be a good defensive team, whether or not they have Honey Badger.

OVC football fans better be prepared, there will be a lot of talent on the football field this year. This may be the year that the OVC brings home a National Championship, and we will cover it all right here at MKY Sports.

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  1. The newest update is that he will go to a rehab center and not play football this season