Thursday, August 16, 2012

RacerNation's Thursday Thoughts

With only 18 Days until the start of the 2012 football season, the weather is cooling down but things are starting to heat up around these parts. For the first time in many years fans all down Purchase Parkway and beyond are getting excited about Murray State football.

The newest FCS poll from The Sports Nation has Murray State receiving 292 votes putting them at 26th behind The Crimsons of Harvard. EKU comes in at 18th and Jacksonville State 22nd. Murray State home opening opponent Central Arkansas is 24th.

In Murray State basketball news, the Sports Nation wrote AN ARTICLE about Isaiah Canaan and the potential for him to have a let down this season. Using statistics to try and predict the future is always fun but what their stats don't show is all of the work Canaan has put in, in this off-season. All the camps he's practiced at with NBA players and the improvement that he has made.

Of course it will be tough to live up to what he did last season but why is it so hard for people to believe that Isaiah is just simply the real deal? The guy will be on an NBA roster next year, deal with it.

If we're going to speak of Canaan, we have to mention Ed Daniel and this interview that he had with Hoopsworld at the 2012 Adidas Nations. Let's don't let ourselves get ahead of ourselves.

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