Friday, August 3, 2012

New Faces....Any Superstars?

The Chicago Bulls have added many new players to their roster after gutting their bench to clear cap space.  The big question will the new faces be able to contribute at all?

After losing the likes of center Omer Asik, three-point marksman in Kyle Korver, defensive threat in Ronnie Brewer, and two reliable point guards in CJ Watson and John Lucas III, the Bulls had some major revamping to do.  With Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler being the remaining members of the acclaimed "Bench Mob," there were major holes to fill.

The first addition came when the Bulls decided to bring back Chicago favorite Kirk Hinrich.  He will be a suitable replacement for the absence of Derrick Rose as he rehabs a torn ACL.  The next acquisition came in the draft when the Bulls drafted Marquis Teague out of the University of Kentucky.  A thrasher like Rose but has a lot of improving to do before he can contribute at all.  In my opinion, the Bulls could have picked a different player in the draft that could contribute in a much better way than Teague, but we will see what becomes of this.

The next acquisition is an attempt to replace the three-point threat the Bulls lost in Kyle Korver by replacing him with Marco Bellinelli.  He shoots well over 45% from three-point range, only two percentage points behind Korver.  He is much bigger then Korver so look for him to contribute on the rebounding effort.

The Bulls then succeed in replacing Omer Asik by picking up veteran center Nazr Mohammed.  The 14-year veteran should add some depth in the low post area and give the Bulls the much needed veteran leadership.

The final acquisition the Bulls made was picking up Nate Robinson in free agency for next to no cost at all.  This is much more suitable second string point guard than Marquis Teague due to him being a scoring threat and is very versatile.  Watch for Kirk Hinrich to move to a backup shooting guard when Derrick Rose returns.

In all, I give the Bulls a C+ for their offseason additions.  That is a very friendly grade due to the fact that nobody knows what is going to happen to this team.  They have managed to get players for minimum for money but that only goes so far when it comes to wins.  I sure hope GM Gar Forman knows what he is doing and I'm hoping he has a plan for the future.  But right now, it's not looking so bright when every other team is making a splash this offseason.

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