Monday, August 6, 2012

Doomsday for the Big East

The days of the Big East Conference being a powerhouse conference is almost over. 

Pittsburgh, West Virginia, and Syracuse have already left, or will be leaving the Big East.

Who will leave next? It could be Louisville and Cincinnati. If that happens, the Big East is no longer a top tier conference.

Yes, Boise State, Southern Methodist, Temple and Memphis will be joining the Big East. Navy and Boise State will be joining for football only. With the exception of Boise State, these teams are mediocre and aren't powerhouse programs. 

It has gotten so bad, that the Big East wants Villanova to reclassify their football as an FBS member of Division I football. Villanova is currently a member of the FCS, but they currently play basketball in the Big East.

Is this what the Big East wants? Do they want to join the ranks of the Mountain West Conference and Conference USA? One would think no that's not what the Big East wants, but this is happening.

U of L, Southern Florida, DePaul, Marquette, and Cincinnati left Conference USA to go to the Big East, so that their schools can play at a more competitive level, not to play in a mediocre conference. Marquette and DePaul don't have a football program, but U of L, USF, and UC saw their chance for BCS glory by moving up to the Big East.

This may be the last year that the Big East is a relevant big name conference for any sport. Don't be surprised if in the near future, that the Big 12 asks U of L, Cincy, and USF to join their conference. If they do, wave good bye to the Big East. 

You may wave goodbye to Boise State too, the Big 12 or PAC 12 may come knocking at their door, and why would Boise State say no. SMU may be joining them, had they not had been given the death penalty, they would probably be in the Big 12 already. Both of these schools have no reason to say no. 

Oh, and if you think they'll still be relevant in basketball, think again. Notre Dame would likely be leaving themselves, the Big 10 has always dreamed of Notre Dame joining their conference, and this may be their opportunity.

That leaves the Big East with UCONN, Memphis, Marquette, and Villanova as the top basketball schools in the Big East. That's no better than the Mountain West or Conference USA.

Football would irrelevant, their teams would be just as good as the teams in Conference USA.

The Big East conference realignment plan goes back to 2003 when Virginia Tech, Miami, and Boston College left the Big East to go the ACC. In reality, that may have began the 10-year doomsday of the Big East. 

It's amazing that something that happened almost ten years ago, is still hurting a conference, and may end up ruining the conference at the end of the day. 

People will speculate about what will happen to the Big East in the coming days, weeks, and months.

The collapse of the Big East has already began, it began in 2003, nobody knew that yet. It's only a matter of time before their coffin is sealed shut. U of L, UC, USF, and Notre Dame will all get their chance to do that, and the days of the Big East being a powerhouse conference will be over.

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