Monday, August 13, 2012

Breaking News: Jaamal Berry is Officially a Racer

Tom Annino of WPSD is reporting that Jaamal Berry has officially enrolled at Murray State University. Berry is a transfer from Ohio State University, and was a four star recruit at one time.

Berry will begin practice tomorrow, but he has not been cleared to play yet. The season starts in a little less than three weeks, and the question is, whether or not he'll be ready for the Florida State game. If he is cleared, the Racers will be sitting in fine shape at the running back spot.

So what does this mean for the Racers?
This means the Racers will be able to slow it down if they grab a two or three touchdown lead. They may be a fast paced offense, but you don't need a run and gun offense all the time. The defense needs time to rest. That's why the Racers lost four games last year, because their defense had no time to rest. 

Casey Brockman will now be able to be more creative with his audibles, and change up the play calling. If Berry had not come to Murray State, the Racers would be a pass heavy team. Now, opposing defenses have to watch out for the run and the pass.

If Berry had not come, opposing defenses would be able to drop their linebackers into coverage with their corners and safeties. Now, it's not so easy, they will likely have to make the linebackers stay home, because Brockman could pass or hand the ball off to Berry. If they don't, then Berry could have some nice runs.

Overall, this is great news for the Racers, but we have still have to pass one more hurdle. Stay tuned with MKY Sports to hear the latest on this developing situation.

Here's a higlight reel from Berry's high school days.


  1. This is great news! Now, I feel like that we may be able to compete with EKU for an OVC title.

  2. Let's just hope he gets cleared to play

  3. Who else thinks were going 10-1?

  4. Central Arkansas, our first home game, will be a tough test, as will JSU and EKU. Should be a good season, but I'm not ready to write down 10-1 just yet.