Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up

The weeks weird and interesting sports stories.

5. Henry Rowengartner balked in the movie "The Rookie of the Year." Upon further review, a report has come out proving that the 12 year pitching sensation for the Chicago Cubs balked in his hidden ball trick pick off at first base. You can read more here (Includes video of the balk): TEN Heartbreaking Truths About Your Favorite Sports Flicks

4. Robinson Cano, who was the captain of the Home Run Derby in charge of picking players did not pick one hometown guy and it was nothing shy of poetic justice when he hit zero home runs.

3. Just when you thought the NBA couldn't become any less entertaining Ray Allen to the Heat. Well the Heat are adding NBA All-Stars to their roster which in return will make for a boring 2013 Play-Off as the Heat will storm through competition again. Adding these kind of players should take away some of the credibility of King James winning NBA rings.

2. Ashley Cole and Andy Murray failed their country. 

1. Less than 100 Days until the start of College basketball

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