Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday Weekly Wrap-Up Brought to You by Drunk College Students

For the 22,000+ who voted yes, is this what you wanted?
People in sweaters, drinking
Miller Lite out of a Cheerleading
Hide ya kids, hide ya wife.

The city of Murray is soon to be overtaken by drunk college students and there will be no stopping these hooligans from destroying the town. Think what will happen if Murray State makes it to the Sweet 16 this year, cars will be flipped over, couches will burned in the street because people no longer have to drive 30-45 minutes to purchase packaged alcohol.

Murray is expanding but is it worth it? In a recent study of 39,000 alcohol-related traffic accidents in Kentucky found that more of dry counties' residents are involved in such crashes. ( 

But now isn't the time to worry about stats and facts. We should be worrying about our safety and the safety of our family when a pack of drunk 20 year olds stumble their way into Roy Stewart Stadium because until now the students never had access to alcohol....but this changes everything.

In other news this week, Murray was voted the Friendliest Small Town in America by USAToday. Click here to read story


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  2. Well if that wasn't dripping in sarcasm...