Thursday, July 19, 2012

Topper Trash Talk

Pom-pom in right hand, redblob stick in left while flipping
off the camera....don't mess with this dude.
Western Kentucky University blog site, Topper Talk, took some jabs at the city of Murray yesterday morning in their newest post.

Hats off to the guys over there. Referring to the citizens of Murray as a bunch of redneck/country bumpkins is a refreshing new insult that none of us have ever heard before. Here is an excerpt from their piece:

"This is a huge win for us today," Billy Bob, a MSU student told Topper Talk. "We know that this basketball season is going to require a lot of alcohol, especially when the HIlltoppers come to town."

"This is the greatestest moment of my liiiife. We can finally go down to the Wal-Mart Super Center and buy Pabst Blue Ribbon." Bubba pronounced right before he yelled, "AMERICAAAAA!"

First of all, touche on the Billy Bob reference. I happen to know a student with that very name. Secondly, I don't know if they are trying to sell us on the idea that many Bowling Green residents don't come from bucolic backgrounds or that camouflage apparel is not a popular item over there, but one thing is for sure-as countrified/redneck as we may be, if you were to go into our AGR house there would be no starving goats laying in its own feces.

To top it off, I don't think any Racer fan is worried about losing to Western at the CFSB Center; or as we like to say, "It ain't happenin'."

Yet, TopperTalk isn't the only WKU website trashing Murray State and its fan base. Over at Hilltopper Haven, where they claim 4 WKU Final Fours (which is very laughable considering, in doing that, they would have to ignore the fact that the NCAA took their only NCAA Final Four away and put them on probation and then count 3 NIT Final Fours to get to that number), they had a poster that said, and I quote, "(Murray) fans have lost their damn minds." The poster believes that, in thinking Ed Daniel has a chance of playing in the NBA, we are crazy.

I think it should be pointed out that no Murray State fan, from out of the blue, just claimed Ed is NBA worthy. It was after a number of scouts reported Ed being one of the best players at his camps and NBA scouts saying things like, "He WILL be drafted."

But what do a bunch of scouts know? They should be listening to y'all folks in Bowling Green.


  1. I also think it is funny that some of the tops fans say that Caanon is slow despite of the fact that Bleacher Report ranks him as one of the top 15 quickest players in the nation

    1. They also said that there is now way he gets drafted in the first round when some NBA experts have him going lottery.