Sunday, July 8, 2012

Titans Talk With NOT Sweet Lee

Sweet Lee Hargis is away on a cruise to celebrate his wedding which took place yesterday. So let me take this time to congratulate him and his wife Laci. Now onto our favorite Nashville football team.

One thing that Sweet Lee and I disagree with is the starting quarterback position. I get that Hasselbeck had a great season last year and I also understand the wide receivers love him. However, I can see the Titans winning their Division and not have the 37 year old under center. Locker showed that he could be the quarterback of the future and the kid, if given the opportunity to start early in the season, will give Titan fans much enjoyment. Locker threw for 542 yards last season and 4 touchdowns in very limited playing time.

 Below is video of Locker touchdowns.

Jake Locker to Nate Washington 7 Yard TD Pass

40 Yard Touchdown Pass to Nate Washington

6-yard Touchdown Run

Another 40 Yard TD Pass to Nate Washington

Jake is more athletic, he has the stronger arm, he is faster but he probably won't start in Week 1. I say he's the Titans guy for the future and can win this why wait?

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  1. I said I think Hass will start the season but Locker will finish it. And ya Locker had great passing situations. But we have not truly seen what he is capable of yet. I think he also gives us the best chance to win because he is a duel threat, but knowing the titans organization, i dont think he will start day one a year after hass threw for 3700 yards without a healthy Britt