Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Racers started football practice today

College football teams started practicing today. Murray State has a lot to work on, if they expect to win a lot of games this year.

Unlike recent years, Racer football fans have high expectations for the team this year. But, high expectations can lead to disappointment. if  the Racers can't solve their issues, they may lose three to five games this year. It's time to out outline the good and the bad of this years football team.

The Good
All American Quarterback: Brockman should put up huge numbers.
Solid Receivers: They should have plenty of highlights this year.
Solid Linebackers: Two linebackers named to the OVC Preseason team

The What Ifs? 
Running Back: Does Mr. Berry show up this year, or next? If he doesn't, then the running backs slide down to the bad zone for this year.

The Bad
The Defensive Line: Will they continue to allow 200 yards a game? If so, chalk up three or four losses.

These are the big things to watch for in practice over the next few weeks. The number one and two things on my watch list is the running back position and the defensive line positions. These two positions could be the difference between competing for an OVC Championship, or sitting on the bubble of the NCAA tournament.

Until then, lets hope Coach Hatcher, and his crew can put something together. This season could be a special one, if Racers can put the pieces together.

Racer Football Talk with Conor will be looking over the linebacker position tomorrow. After that, we only have two more segments left, and we will break down the defensive back position on August 8th, and on the 15th, we will break down the special teams unit. On August 22nd, you can look for my full season prediction on how I think the Racers will do this year.

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