Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Racer Football Talk with Conor: Wide Receivers

The Racers are strong, deep, and experienced at the wide receiver position this year.

Eight guys had over 200 yards receiving last year and five of them are returning to the Racers for the 2012 season.Three of the returning receivers had over 400 receiving yards last years.

These receivers are experienced, five of the 12 receivers are seniors. Add in a top quarterback and you have a recipe for success.

So who are the guys to watch out for this year?

My top pick would be Walter Powell. Powell led the team with 584 yards receiving and with five touchdowns. He's a great option when the Racers are in a third down and long situation. He averaged 13.0 yards a catch.

Powell isn't the only one who can step up and have a huge season. Javonta Trotter led the Racers with 48 catches last year for 523 yards and four touchdowns. He's more of a slot receiver but still averaged 10.3 yard a catch. 

2011 Stats
My sleeper pick is Hannibal Beauford, he caught 42 catches for 493 yards and two touchdowns. His average was 11.7 yards per catch. The two touchdowns doesn't worry me because there's only so many touchdowns to spread around. Last year, 12 guys caught a touchdown from quarterback, Casey Brockman.

I have a really good feeling that one of these three receivers will emerge with over a 1,000 yards receiving. If that doesn't happen, then the Racers have a chance to have three guys with over 700 yards receiving. With a weak running game this year, Hatcher will be looking to take it to the air more than ever this season.

I give the Racers an A+ at the wide receiver position this year. This may be the best receiving corp in all of  Division I FCS.

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  1. Hatcher loves to pass and with great receiving and an All-American Quarterback Racers should be tough this year