Thursday, July 5, 2012

Racer Football Talk with Conor: Running Backs

The Racers have big shoes to fill at the running back spot. It's not going to be easy. Last year, Casey Brockman handed the ball of too Mike Harris. Harris is gone and now it's up to somebody else to fill those shoes.

Harris ran for over 1,000 yards last year. Somebody will have to step it up a notch. But, it won't be easy. I have crossed out the guys who will no longer be playing football for the Racers. As you can see, a good number of them have said farewell.

RUSHING  GP  Att  Gain  Loss  Net  Avg   TD  Long  Avg/G 
HARRIS, Mike   10  189  1070  52  1018  5.4  13  45  101.8 
BRADY, Duane   11  60  310  27  283  4.7  52  25.7 
BROCKMAN, Casey  11  91  390  179  211  2.3  34  19.2 
LAVEA, Tyler   11  25  179  178  7.1  37  16.2 
BARNETT, Dexter  11  27  25  5.0  2.3 
BEAUFORD, Hannibal  10  15  15  15.0  15  1.5 
DURRANTE, Dexter  11  12  12  6.0  12  1.1 
TROTTER, Ja-Vonta  10  7.0  0.7 
CRAIG, Graham   3.5  2.3 
POWELL, Walter   11  4.0  0.4 
DANIELS, Victor  10  1.0  0.1 
BEYER, Carson   -2  -2.0  -0.4 
MITCHELL, Ricky  10  -2  -2.0  -0.2 
ROBERTSON, Patrick  -2  -2.0  -0.3 
BRACKETT, Arthur  -4  -2.0  -0.5 

It's going to come down to 5'8 Junior, Duane Brady. I think he can do well and I think he can produce. 4.7 yards per carry is pretty good even though he only carried it 60 times this past season. You have to feel confident about him carrying the ball. But you have to be cautious. Can he be an every down back? That will be answered this season.

Watch out for backup running back, Nikkous Moore. The kid can run and play football. He's a 5'10, 215 lbs sophomore and comes out of Memphis, Tennessee. He didn't have staggering numbers in high school as he ran for 330 yards his senior season. But, he averaged almost seven yards a carry. He may be able to come in and make some nice runs.

Overall, I give the Racers a C at the running back spot. Brady is not that experienced and there's a lot of issues that need to be brought up. There's no depth as well. This could be a problem if Brady gets injured. We then throw in a running back who has never played a down of college ball. It's troublesome.

The potential is there but for now, I will have my doubts. I would have like to seen more experience at the position but this is what happens during transition years.

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