Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pay Day for Men's Basketball Teams in the OVC

It was payday in the OVC today. Every basketball team got paid. If you were looking for a hefty paycheck, you better of had a great season. Otherwise, you were looking at a measly paycheck this year. But it's all smiles in Racer Nation, pay day feels dandy.

This spring, the OVC decided that annually $500,000  were going to be distributed to the OVC Men's basketball teams. Take a guess at who got the most today? Yes, Murray State got the most. Our friends at SIU-Edwardsville were not so lucky as you would be on welfare if you made that much in a year. They got less money than UT-Martin.

Money is given out when schools meet one or more of the six criteria: 
- Overall RPI
- Improvement in RPI (three-year rolling average)
- Increase in Division I wins from the previous year (three-year rolling average)
- Division I non-conference wins (three-year rolling average)
- OVC tournament or regular season championships in the last four years
- 40% of non-conference games being played at home or neutral sites
School Earnings:
- Murray State $106,214
- Tennessee State $70,874
- Tennessee Tech $64,657
- Morehead State $47,536
- SE Missouri State $43,211
- Jacksonville State $37,710
- Eastern Kentucky $35,269
- Austin Peay $28,703
- Eastern Illinois $21,047
- UT Martin $15,735
- SIU-Edwardsville $13,037

So does this mean only the strongest will survive? Not necessarily. I have a gut feeling that UT Martin and SIU-Edwardsville will get quite a bit of money next year. They had horrendous seasons and you get money for improving each year. If they somehow get worse, I would suggest dismantling their basketball programs.

On the other hand, Murray State will likely take a pay cut next year. The Racers will have to have a second straight dream season. Of course it could happen. We never know. It's best to keep on dreaming or at least I will. I want the Racers to strive for perfection. In the meantime we should just enjoy payday for now. We will likely be in the middle of the pack next year.

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