Saturday, July 21, 2012

OVC Roundup

Belmont's Brian Baker is going to be playing in the U.S. Open
This is your weekly OVC Roundup brought to you by Conor Revell. These are my top OVC stories from this past week. It's always nice to see the OVC trying to do big things.

This week, the top headlines includes newcomers Belmont. Belmont is sending a tennis player to the U.S. Open. That's a pretty big deal, even if you think tennis is boring, like I do.

Other news includes Eastern Illinois, a team we don't hear about much in the athletic world. This week, they get an athletic award, but only kind of, it's just that they have smart swimmers.

EIU has some smart swimmers.
The other big new is that Austin Peay is finally getting a new floor in the Dunn Center. Maybe, this will help modernize their arena. It will still look like a 1990's style arena, but at least it's better than the 1980 style arena UT Martin has.Oh, and Racer Nation will still say Flush the Peay, even if you are getting a new floor.

Other weekly news, include more teams getting academic awards, a Tennessee Tech's punt returner is named to a watch list, and more.

Eastern Illinois Men Swim Team has Second Highest GPA in NCAA Division I

New Floor Being Laid in the Dunn Center


Come back next Saturday, when I will bring you more OVC news. You may not see your school on this every week, so make sure your schools athletics department does something worthy of reporting. If not, I'm not going to give you a mention in the OVC Roundup. Just ask, Tennessee State and Morehead State. They didn't get a mention this week, maybe next time. Until next time, keep it classy OVC fans. 

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