Friday, July 13, 2012

Notes From Today's Open Scrimmage

Most of the Murray State players got together for a little pick-up scrimmage this afternoon. I was told I could not share too much information about what I saw at Today's scrimmage but I will be able to share my impressions of the players.

Erik McCree

I start with him because he was the most impressive player out there today. On several occasions McCree took his man one on one to the basket and finished. His jumper at times looked a little flat but mostly, from what I have seen, the lefty has good form and a soft touch. He took over many of times and showed off his strength and athleticism and ability to get the rim whenever he wanted. Look for Erik to replace the injured Mushatt and be a starter at least at some point in the seson.

Stacey Wilson

Stacey was another player that impressed me today. Early on last year I thought he would end up being the best shooter the Racers would have, however that never really came to fruition. What I saw today however, was a reminder of early last season. Stacey drove to the basket, dished out to his teammates and knocked down several triples. His release seems to be quicker too compared to last season. At one point during the scrimmage Wilson cut to the top of the key and launched an off-balance three that splashed the net. I would be severely shocked if Stacey does not receive more PT this season.

Zabius Henderson

One of the new Racers that has slipped under the radar, Henderson is tall with a wide wing span and for his size, he is relatively quick. Zabius recorded a few blocks in the scrimmage today and even hit some shots from 15 feet out. With his height and long arms, he seems like he could be a strong defensive specialist for Murray for the next few years.

Zay Jackson

Zay looked real good today as well. The sophomore point guard drove to the basket with ease, had some nice assists and nailed a few threes. One thing also, I didn't realize how vocal Zay is. The guy loves to talk on the court.

There were a few things I saw today that I didn't like for instance, for all the good things I have heard about Dexter Fields I didn't really see a whole lot today but hey, it's early and it was just one scrimmage. That goes for the good and the's early and it is hard to say how good or bad a team is going to be in March when your watching them play as early as July. However, one thing is for certain we should all be very excited about next years season.


  1. I guess CJ Ford was not present. What's he doing this summer?

  2. CJ was there but other than catching an ally-oop pass from Canaan he didn't do too much. He was short on a lot of his three point attempts. It looked like the guys had just got done working out, so you know how your arms feel and how difficult it is to shoot after a hard arms workout. From what I saw CJ has some ups though, he'll be a solid player for us as early as this year.