Friday, July 13, 2012

NHL Owners Blow Our Minds

Some reports have surfaced detailing the conditions the NHL Owners are proposing be put into place for the new NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

If these reports are accurate, we're screwed.

The current CBA expires on September 15th. Although its currently only July 13th, the reported proposal from the owners does not lead to confidence in regards to a lockout being avoided.

Here are the proposed conditions, per Renaud Lavoie, hockey reporter for RDS (Canadian sports outlet):
1. The players' hockey related revenues will be reduced to 46% from 57%.
2. Players will have to be in the NHL for 10 seasons before they can become unrestricted free agents.
3. Contracts will have a maximum term of 5 years.
4. No more salary arbitration.
5. Entry-level contracts will be 5 years in length instead of 3.


I cannot imagine the players' first proposal will be anywhere near close to that one. In fact, it'll likely be as opposite as possible. Granted, this is a negotiation. Each party should start with their perfect world situations, what they would want if they had all the say. However, this first proposal is so out there, so astronomically one-sided, it's hard to see the two sides coming together in two months; especially after what the NFL and the NBA went through last summer.

The NHL lost a season-an ENTIRE season-the last time their CBA negotiations came up, in 2004. The league lost a lot that season, including coverage with ESPN. A lockout now, after the NHL (and the sport of hockey, in general) has grown leaps & bounds, could completely destroy the league.

Let's cross our fingers now and hope that does not happen. We here at MKYSports will do our best to keep our readers updated on the goings-on throughout the negotiation.


  1. The NHL can not afford another work stoppage this soon after the lock out.

  2. The NHL can not afford another work stoppage this soon after the lock out.