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Neal Bradley's Calls: Conor's Favorite Ones

Neal Bradley is one of the best play-by-play announcers in the business. Not everybody is cut out for the play-by-play business, but Bradley is. I thought nobody would ever challenge my favorite play-by-play man, Tom Leach. Leach is the play-by-play man for the University of Kentucky. Boy was I wrong, Bradley is just as good as Leach or better.

Most people watch sporting events on TV in today's world and I feel that Neal Bradley doesn't get enough publicity for how good he really is.The TV announcers just don't have the passion that the radio announcers have.

If the Racers ever win a game because of a buzzer beater, you must listen to Neal Bradley call later on that day. Nothing makes me smile more than when I hear Bradley scream into the radio, "It's good! It's good, and the Racers win!" .
I decided to compile a list of  my favorite Bradley calls. If I'm ever having a bad day, I go and listen to Bradley's or Leach's calls. It instantly makes me smile. I'm glad Murray State has a great play-by-play announcer and you should too. I can tell you, I have tried to imitate Bradley but I just can't do it. He's that good. I recommend that everybody goes and checks out Neal Bradley's Racer Blog. 

5. Murray State 72 Missouri State 59 (Football) (October 9, 2010)
"Did he catch that ball? He caught the ball! He caught the ball for the touchdown! Marcus Harris!"

Yes, this is a football score folks. What a game. Bradley lets you know when something exciting happens. This is what makes Bradley so good. You have to have the emotions. I highly recommend listening to all of the touchdown calls he made during the game. You have to love the passion he has for the Racers.You can listen to the calls here.

4.  Isaiah Canaan Half Court Shot from the Ground (February 16, 2010)
"And he banked it in! He banked it in from his knees! Three feet beyond the mid-court stripe! I don't believe what I saw! Unbelievable!"

I'm mad, real mad. Guess who had a night class every Tuesday during that spring semester? Guess when the weekday home games were? Yep, Tuesday nights during that semester. I sat in a humanities class learning about literature that I quite frankly didn't care about. No offense to those of you who love literature.

Yes, I was sitting in class when this happened. Ugh. I didn't even know about the shot until Sportscenter came on. Oh yes, I wanted to strangle myself for scheduling Tuesday night classes. Luckily, that You Tube video saved my life and I got to listen to Neal Bradley's call. It was exciting as always.

3. Murray State 71  Southeast Missouri State 70 (1999)
"Good! It's good! It's good! Reese banks it in at the buzzer but the officials have not given the all clear sign!"

Remember the name. You'll hear about him again in this post. I'm just saying. This fits in perfectly with number two as well. Amazing call. Even though there was still a tenth of a second after the shot, I still call it a buzzer beater

The Racers blew a 15 point lead but who cares when you win the ball games. That's all you can be thankful for. SEMO and the Racers developed quite a rivalry that season. You can listen to the call here.

2. Murray State 62 Southeast Missouri State: 61 (February 28, 1999)
"It's good! It's good! He did it again! He did it again! He did it again! Reese does it again! Reese hits it at the buzzer! Reese hits it at the buzzer! And the Racers are going dancing for the third time in a row! It's 62 to 61! What a miracle!"

Same two team, yet Reese does it again. Unbelievable moment and the call is one of the best of all time. I love it.

You can hear the passion Bradley has. He makes it exciting. I have that same excitement when something goes my teams way. I mean that's what makes sports special for me. These are the calls that I live for. Only a few calls will ever top this one and I didn't know who or where Murray State was at the time.

This call almost became my favorite but because I wasn't a fan at the time, I'm not allowed to make it my favorite. My rules. Instead it comes in at number two on my list. Aubrey Reese hits a buzzer beater to send the Racers to the NCAA Tournament for the third year in a row. You can listen to it here. Surprisingly, I found a You Tube video of the shot as well. Sadly, a SEMO fan uploaded it so you'll have to go to Bradley's blog to hear the amazing call he made.

1. Murray State 66 Vanderbilt 65 (March 18, 2010)
"Good! It's good! It's good! It's good! The Racers win on the jumper by Danero Thomas! A dog-pilie in the end-zone! And we're dancing! And extending the day in Saaannn Jooooooossseee!"   

This is my number one because I was a student at Murray State at the time. I remember the shot and always will. Like most, I saw it on TV and I was in tears just like many others were in Racer Nation. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Later on that night, one of my three roommates had gotten word that Bradley's call was online. He knew that I loved play-by-play guys, he said I must hear this one. I heard it and could not stop listening to it for the rest of the night.

I still play that call in my head today. It means a lot to me. There is probably only one call that beats this call. Racer Nation may want to hurt me but it's Tom Leach's call of when UK beat number one LSU in three overtimes in football. But, there's a time for a post about that.This is about Neal Bradley not Tom Leach. You can listen to the call here. Below is the shot.

I think my passion for sports is so great because of play-by-play announcers. It's the radio guys and the announcers that make sports so special. It's the excitement. Without them, I'm not so sure I would have ever gotten into sports like I am today. Thank you Neal Bradley for being one of the best play-by-play announcers around.

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