Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Murray Links

With this coming in the PM, I suppose it would be more appropriate to title this, "Monday Evening Murray Links" but regardless it is Monday and below are links that will cover all you need to know about Murray State and beyond.

Tony Easley and Ray George both have their first NBA Summer League games tonight. Easley with the Timberwolves at 10:00 and George with the Bucks at 10:30. Live stats to both games can be viewed right here: LIVE STATS

A 2013 guard out of Florida, Demarcus Croaker, told a reporter that the teams who are recruiting him the hardest are Florida State, VCU, Texas, Miami and you guessed it, Murray State. You can view highlights of Croaker here: HIGHLIGHTS

The only in state schools that haven't beaten Kentucky are Alice Lloyd College and Murray State. The Cats and the Racers have yet to meet on the court and this may be an older article from KSR but if you haven't read it you need to: IS IT TIME TO PLAY MURRAY?

Well, kiddos that is all for today. Three links and none of them led to an article about Isaiah Canaan.

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